Podcast Episode 28

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...to the lucky winners announced in this episode!

If you won a prize, please get in contact and I'll get it sent to you.

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: :   HOTEL OF BEES CAL.  : :

Photo used with kind permission of Christina Hadderingh


14th April - 31st May

Together with Sam from Betsy Makes, we are going to be hosting a Crochet ALong for the gorgeous

by Christina Hadderingh

More information to come...
including some bee related goodies and a pattern discount

Stay tuned!  ;)

: :   DONE  : :

Molly Weasley Socks

: :   DOING  : :

A Good Vintage Cardigan by Fran Morgan

Colour Field Shawl by Kemper Wray

: :   PIP'S   : :
(Patterns in Progress!)

Coming soon...

Patterns in US Terms


Beautiful Sock Yarn from Norah George Yarns
@norahgeorgeyarns on Instagram

Regia Fluormania Sock Yarn

: :   POD LOVE.  : :

Chrissie Crafts by Chrissie
Annaboo's House by Sarah

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  1. So many delights as usual! Watched this afternoon as (still) knitting Snowmelt shawl. I do like the idea of the hotel-of-bees-along... yarn has already been purchased to join in with Sew Sweet Violet bee-along and I'm persuading myself that two alongs is very do-able. Though as my make for Jooles' is also a shawl... Hmmmm. And the fact that I am still knitting my Snowmelt after the finish date perhaps doesn't bode well

  2. Hi Sandra - lovely to 'chat'! I really feel for you over the cardigan - do return to it after a little break because it's going to be gorgeous. I am taking a lesson from you though as I have this project in the queue but I will order appropriate yarn when I get around to making it. I absolutely love the hotel of bees shawl and, although I shouldn't because I have other things on the go, I am going to order yarn to join in! Golds and creams and so on are good colours for me so I am excited about that! I must check the show no res for full details. Enjoy the Easter holidays xx

  3. Hello Sandra,
    The #HOBCAL is a great idea 👍🏾. This pattern is in my fav since soooo long and I have 2 gorgeous fingering weight yarns from La Bien Aimée which will be great for this shawl. But the pattern is an intermediate level and I'm a french newbie. Do you think it's possible to be part of your CAL ?

    1. Thanks so much! As for the CAL, you are certainly most welcome to join us if you would like to, that would be great. As for the difficulty of the pattern I'm afraid I can't really offer much advise on that as I haven't made it myself yet either!

  4. Agh, I'm starting to feel like the only person not doing podcasts! I love watching them though, so please don't stop. :-) I'm seriously loving that Hotel of Bees shawl, I wonder if that might be a CAL I can actually make time for. I keep seeing this Scheepjes Hygge CAL everywhere too and it's gorgeous but who has the time?! I wish we lived nearer each other so that we could chat crochet and whatnot over a coffee. xx

    1. Hey Gill, I'm most definitely keeipng my mug out of YouTube and sticking to the delightful world of good ol' fashioned blogging...you are not alone! I much prefer reading to listening xx (Sandra, please don't stop blogging!) xx

    2. Thanks so much you two!! No plans to stop blogging, this place always feels like my real home. :)

      S x