You wanna be starting something?

Goodness me, my mind is reeling from my EYF weekend!
So much to tell you, so many thoughts and ideas running around my head.  But, I'll be sharing some more on all of that later.  In the meantime...

Did you see this cardigan by Fran Morgan yet?

It's in the latest Simply Crochet magazine (Issue 54) and although it's quite hard to get my mitts on the better class of crafty magazine where I live, I just had to track this issue down because I needed to get my hands on this rather spiffy crochet cardigan pattern.  

Originally I intended only to obtain the magazine, just so I knew I had the pattern all safe and sound.  I'd be able to squirrel it away for later, when the time was right and I had a spare moment to whip up a cardigan...

...but you know how it is sometimes, a pattern just calls to you.  'Make me' it says and the voice doesn't easily go away.  At the time, I wasn't supposed to be buying any yarn though, in preparation for my trip to Edinburgh and so I tried to ignore the voice.

It was when I realised I had a rather healthy stash of Sirdar Snuggly tucked away that the problems really started.  I suspected I might have a reasonable amount and so I dived in to see what else I would need.  It turned out, somewhat staggeringly that I already had pretty much all the yarn I would need and in really good, suitable colours.  I mean, what?  That never, ever happens!

I still had a lot of other things I really needed to be doing though, and I still do come to that, but it was all beginning to look a bit inevitable.

Then the clincher came.  I posted a picture, rather similar to the one below, on Instagram and put my crocheting fate in your hands...

You all, not quite unanimously, but overwhelmingly said. 'Do it'
So, you know, I had to!

I haven't got too far yet, this will have to be an in-betweener type of project but I don't think I'm going to be alone in my venture.  I know Annette of My Rose Valley has succumb to the fever already and maybe more will follow...

Who came blame us, the temptation is so great!

S x