We decided to take a little break to Norfolk last week.  It was a bit of an impromptu thing.  Hubs had some time off during the Easter break and felt like doing something 'worthwhile' with the time, so we thought a little jaunt to Norfolk would fit the bill quite nicely.

We found a fantastic little Air B n B place in Erpingham and my goodness it was lovely.  It was set in the grounds of a little 'estate' of sorts.  The main house being adjacent to our accommodation of a converted Coach House.  The grounds were so pretty and we took a little walk around them on most days.  We took the Puppers along on this trip with us you see, something that we haven't tried before. But it worked quite well for this as it was quite the 'leisurely retreat' feel that we were going for.

Walks featured quite highly on our to do list.  We took him up to Cromer for his first look at the sea (he wasn't impressed) and run along the beach, which he was happier with.  To be fair we only got 10 minutes or so before the sun disappeared behind a dark cloud and so it wasn't the warmest.

But you have to hand it to my girl though, she is not one to be daunted by a grey sky and a cold breeze.  She was at the beach and so beach type activities had to be done.  She managed a smallish castle and a little sand writing before going for a paddle in the icy froth of the North Sea.  Personally I didn't even feel tempted to take my shoes off, merely remaining grateful that it hadn't rained, but it was nice to walk along and take it all in.  The beach huts still looked colourful and pretty despite the lack of sun and topping it off with a meal at No1 made it all worth while at any rate.

Apart from the walking, the other main feature was eating.  Mostly combining the two, we walked down the road for a pub lunch one day and then walked the 3 miles to Blicking Hall for a coffee another.  Well actually, we intended to walk there for a coffee, but got lost on the way, ending up walking an extra mile or so and the coffee turned into lunch.  But hey, it was an adventure and we managed to successfully navigate the shorter way back so no harm done.

It was lovely to see Norfolk when the weather was a little kinder, last time we went it was quite bitter, and even though I've only spent a short amounts of time there so far, I really do love the place.  It's a wonderful area for relaxing and pottering and I want to go back again and again.  The Child probably wouldn't tolerate the lack of action if we had stayed longer, but me and The Hubs definitely could stand that kind of gentle pace for a good long time. 

All in all it was a very nice way to spend a few days.

S x





  1. That looks like a dreamy place to stay... Norfolk is lovely isn't it, and I like its gentleness. Probably why we live in neighbouring Suffolk!

  2. Beautiful! Made me a bit jealous! I could use a break like that! Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a lovely place, nice pictures!

  4. Looks lovely. My dachshunds are the same - prefer to keep their feet dry but adore running on the sand x

  5. A beautiful part of the world. Glad you enjoyed it x

  6. What beautiful setting! And brave girl running around bare feet!!! Getting away is always a pleasure. Change of scenery and getting away from home sweet home. Like stepping out of our comfort zones. A small adventure. That hotel (and the pics you shared on IG) looks like a lovely spot. And those beach huts!!! Love, love, love!

  7. Ah, beautiful Norfolk the base for many of our holidays when the kids were young and their own choice often even now. Your accommodation sounds lovely, I will have to keep a note of that for the future. We visited Blickling often as DD used to attend craft fairs there. Glad you all had a good time even if it was still a bit nippy.

  8. I do love trips to Norfolk, especially Cromer, one of my favourite places I love the pier there.
    Must look up where you stayed its gorgeous x

  9. Next time pop along the coast - see Sandringham and then come and have tea with me two villages down from there! Norfolk is lovely, we've lived here for over 30 years now. Not as hilly as Northumberland where my OH is from, but it has its own beauty. Love the B&B you stayed in, fab kitchen!

  10. So beautiful ! Those ocean escapes are the best 😊 I need to take a drive to the beach , so close and yet I never take the time ! So glad you had a wonderful time my friend