A little friend

Meet Miss Cherry!

She's the latest addition to my daughters bedroom menagerie and although I'm saying it myself, she's a little bit special because she was made by moi. 

I spoke about her a little on my latest podcast when she was just a collection of strange shaped little parts, but I'm glad to be able to share her with you now she is looking a tad more prepared to greet you.  She's still in a state of undress, poor girl, but I've been forbidden to clothe her as my daughter has claimed that task for herself.

I'm not generally much of a one for toy making as a rule, despite the cuteness, as I tend to fear the assembly and most of all the faces.  A lot rests on the face, it can make the difference between a benign, loveable treasure and worryingly possessed puppet of evil.  Oh yes, master the face and you have mastered the art of toy making... if you ask me!

But I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to review Emma Brown's book 'Crocheted Bears and Other Animals' and on flicking through the pages, the cuteness became too much.  Emma's book is lovely, full of all sorts of creatures (with beautiful faces) waiting to be made, loved and played with.

I think that is the thing I like best about this book, these toys are not ones destined to sit on shelves, too delicate and dainty for the children they are aimed at.  No, this book encourages play.  Emma has created a little world for her creations to live in and invited the child to join in by including stories for each of the toys, where they live and what they do.

DD liked this idea.  She was drawn to the cat from the first, but she wanted to know her story, what Miss Cherry might be like before she settled on that as her choice.  It makes this book a joy to look through and makes these toys a wonderful gift.  Everything is presented in a way that I think will also encourage children to try making something for themselves too.

I think I managed rather well with Miss Cherry.  The parts worked up quickly and I've made enough toys now to be able to assemble one without things going too horribly wrong.  I love the little fabric additions to make a muzzle and for the face I did deviate a little from the original but as it sort of fell into place without looking too terrible I though I'd leave well enough alone.  

Don't mess with fate.... or toy faces!

S x





  1. Cute little cat you have made. He is a nice little friend for your daughter. Archie and Boris look adorable sitting their together.

    Have a nice day, Margaret

  2. The dogs are so cute... Have a nice friday. Evelyne

  3. I know what you mean about faces. I tend to make mine with closed eyes, because I know I can stitch a straight line!

  4. So cute Sandra! I've never been very good with that kind of crochet. Maybe I'll try again 😊

  5. Sweet Miss Cherry! It's the sewing of all those parts that makes me not quite so enthusiastic about toy making, but of course I succumb after much pleading. Oh, and the tricky faces... Not that sweet Miss Cherry suffers from this complaints!

  6. Totally cute! Great job i'd really love to make toys - my mum made teddies for some of the babies in the family some years ago and since she passed I feel the need to continue that tradition for her. These look so sweet I shall be looking up that book. Thanks for sharing.

  7. It makes me smile knowing that another Shady Bay crocheted character is being cuddled. ~ Thanks for your lovely review Sandra. 😊