Colorful Crochet for me and you!

It's my complete pleasure to be to playing hostess today as part of the blog hop to celebrate the launch of this wonderful new crochet book by the talented Marianne Dekker-Roos.  You may know her as marretjeroos on Instagram or from her blog, MaR Rose.  Yesterday the hop was with Studio 92 Designs and tomorrow it'll be hopping along to visit Little Things Blogged but for today, you're all mine!  

It was such a pleasure to receive this little parcel through the post, a real pop of colour on what was a fairly miserable and grey day to that point.  Any of you familiar with Marianne's work will know that a quick flick through those pages soon turned my grey day into the wonderful array of colours.  Marianne is great at combining bright and happy shades into her work and this book is packed full of projects to show off that skill and inspire you to do the same.

I was smiling while I turned the pages, so happy to see so many signatures pieces that are the hallmark of Marianne's style.  Marianne herself appears in the photography too, so there is such a personalised feel to the book, it has her touch through out which makes it very special.  

I particularly like that there are also different versions of projects. Variations on a design or motif to show it used in a different way.  You can then choose which idea appeals to you most but I think it's also a good way to inspire and encourage new ideas too.


I was particularly drawn to a scarf pattern, called Wendi.  (A lot of the pattern names in the book are inspired by women that Marianne worked with during it's creation and used in tribute to them which is a lovely idea.)  I love the texture and squishy look of this scarf and I couldn't resist giving it a try.

I did rather rashly sign up to one of the earlier blog hop days without quite thinking through the time that would leave me to make my chosen project though, so my offering today isn't quite finished yet.  I hope you'll forgive me.

Not that it hasn't been a speedy project, I have been fairly whipping through it since I began last week.  I'm using some balls of Merino Soft that I had left over from the Vintage Sweethearts blanket and I've been motoring through a whole ball every night very easily.  In fact, I fear that I won't have enough to make a scarf long enough now that I see how I'm racing through the yarn.

I do love the pattern though, it's just the perfect thing to be working on at the moment, a nice easy repeat and this yarn is so soft and smooth to work with, a most happy project in every respect!

But I can't possibly keep all this fun to myself now can I? 

Marianne and her publishers have very kindly sent me an extra copy of the book, so I have one that I can giveaway to you, my lovely readers!

Now this giveaway will only be open to UK readers on this occasion, I'm so sorry to have to limit it in this way, but books are quite heavy and the postage costs are not small.  I do hope you understand. On the plus side, I do know that this blog hop is a very international affair and so I'm sure there will be plenty of other giveaway opportunities in the coming days.

Do have a look a the blog hop list so you can see all the blog hosts...

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