Podcast Episode 32

: :   DONE   : :

Tea and Scandal Socks

Candy Swirl Blanket

: :   DOING   : :

Boho Stars Revival

Rik Rak Top

: :   PIP's   : :

Moonlit Shawl Pattern
UK and US terms

Coming Soon!

in Betsy Makes Little Smile 4ply - Dirty Denim

In Stylecraft Sundae DK - Coconut Ice

 : :  GOODIES   : :

Stitch Markers by  Crafternoon Treats
June Mini Skein Club by Norah George


S x





  1. Lovely post and your pics are very professional looking. That shawl/wrap looks inviting. Off to have a gander.

  2. Thank you Sandra for another lovely podcast❣️All that beautiful eye candy❣️ I'll be making your scarf asap. Coconut Ice looks very 'now' but I also love Little Smile 4 ply for it's gorgeous drape❣️ I really need to have a Yarndale stitch marker❣️Glad to hear the weather is hotting up over there, surely a trip to the beach will be a podcast topic very soon. Happy summer days!

  3. Que bonitos son tus trabajos, perfectos!!!

  4. I liked your podcast - I love the socks - they are SO beautiful..... and your new pattern. Thank you so much for sharing about your "creative slump" - I thought I was the only one who went through that - I was in a bit of a slump recently and it was so maddening. What actually popped me out of it was your Vintage Sweethearts CAL - I am engrossed in it and loving it - I hope yours passes and you get your "mojo" back....

  5. Hello.... Feeling slightly cooler, so have had a dreamy time watching your podcast with a woolly make and an iced coffee while I wait for P to come home from having tea with his Granny and Grandpa. Oh, those socks. So pretty. I have used Andes before to make a cowl and it is so lovely to wear. I can see why you wanted the length of a scarf to show all those sweet stars... maybe a border of some solid stars in a complimentary yarn would mean that it could still be a scarf? Though they will make a gorgeous cowl too! I finished my peachy geometric at a swim gala this weekend - lovely pattern. I then cast on a Campside (for the second long day of watching swimming) which I need to finish soon because I am really excited to start your new moonlit shawl pattern. So, so beautiful. You are so clever!