Creative Re-fuelling

I don't know if you watch my podcast, but if you do, you'll know I've alluded to a little slump in the old creative mojo of late.  I haven't downed tools yet or anything like that, but my crafty endeavours seemed to have lost a little of their lustre just lately.

So it was with something of trepidation that I popped down to London a couple of weeks ago for 'A day at the Flower Factory'.  A one day course described as "a styling and photography workshop exploring your own creative voice".   To be honest, when the day arrived I wasn't feeling the least bit creative and I've never been sure that I've ever found 'my voice' anyway.

But I was excited to go because I was hoping that this little trip might get my dull creative glow shinning bright again and who knows, maybe even show me what or where 'my voice' might be.  Here's hoping right?  

Part of the attraction of the day trip was the illustrious company that I'd be keeping while I was there. The course featured three inspirational ladies, Kristin Perers, an artist and stylist turned photographer, Susan Cropper, founder of Loop of London no less and the inimitable Tif Fussell of Dottie Angel fame.  Not to mention the pleasure of mixing with some like minded souls for the day.

It, of course, turned out to be quite the tonic for my current inspirational malaise.  How could it fail to be anything less when you are surrounded by such talented, knowledgeable and creative souls?

I enjoyed the day itself, purely as a day of my own to enjoy.  I enjoyed having the company of my dear sister in yarn, Sam of Betsy Makes to share the day with.  I enjoyed conversations with clever, creative women and I enjoyed a day spend trying something different and playing with ideas.  

I went along to listen and absorb, not looking for an answer, but more a way to find the answer, and I got exactly what I wanted.  These ladies didn't give us a how to on 'doing it right' but rather a 'this is how we approach this' and 'here's how we feel about this'.  It was an insight into their process, a discussion and an exploration rather than an instruction and for me, right now, it was perfect.

 : :

I'll just leave you with a few photos from the day...

Flat lay play

Things that caught the eye, inside...

... and out

Instagram worthy and totally delicious lunch by Alexandra Dudley

A collection of unmistakably 'Dottie' things

Tif at work, making it look so easy

Susan's beautiful, rich signature colours

S x





  1. I've been feeling the same thing - it sort of comes and goes I've noticed over the years so I've learned to "ride it out" but it doesn't feel too good - I call it the mullygrubs..... It's become a saying around my family when one feels in a slump - Maybe the mullygrubs is a growing time..... I hope you grow out of yours soon...

  2. What a great way to refuel! I know what you mean about creativity, it is hard, especially when you are a creator and feel you have to be creating all the time. Your mojo will return!

  3. Oh yes, very inspirational for you and us! Jo x

  4. Sometimes it's good to have a break. How lucky you are to have met these fabulous women, especially Tif. I used to follow her blog until she gave it up but I always got the impression she would just be the same in real life, honest and truthful, almost mystical in spirit. I like all your pics. The nearest I'll ever get to Loop is by carting around the tote bag my BFF bought me from there when it first opened up, oh, and browsing through the Loop Book she also sent me.

  5. Sounds - and looks - like a dreamy day. And no evidence of your beautiful makes lacking any lustre...

  6. Sounds like a great day. Your pics are lovely, very inspiring

  7. Sounds like a very interesting day and a very good experience. It is so important to load your creative pillows with frequency.