Podcast 34

Show Notes

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Amy from Love Made my Home

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"Knit/crochet/weave/spin something that gives you warm fuzzies/makes you happy."

Hosted by Naomi of CosyCuteKnits Designs and Jen of Jenn Sheelen

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Hufflepuff Socks
(Completely taken from Dani's idea!)
Ravelry Page

Jogless Jog Technique
You can find a lovely tutorial for the technique (as well as a lovely mitt) in this patter...
Stripey Arms by Amoena Online

Boho Stars Revival

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I ♥︎ Summer Scarf
Stylecraft Classique Cotton 4ply again!
Ravelry Page

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Gorgeous yarn from Sarah at Annaboo's House
Annaboo's House on Etsy

Head over Heels
3 new shades

Batik DK
4 new shades

New yarn in 4 colours

#Stylecraft Blogstars

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  1. Full of colour and style as always.We wouldn't expect anything less from the Inimitable Miss C H. Merci Beaucoup.xx

  2. I love those hufflepuff socks (my house!). What toe do you do to get that star-like decrease? It's lovely.

  3. I like your Boho Stars Revival like it is... beautiful.... the structured ends go just well with the stars

  4. Love your hufflepuff socks.... my favourite looking heel and toe. And thank you for introducing me to the dreamy Annaboo's House yarn, I shall eagerly await an update to her shop. Happy, happy holidays!

  5. Hi Sandra❣️ Thank you for another beautiful podcast. I am crocheting as I listen and glance at your lovely work. You have a lovely voice to listen to.....calming. Loving your Bo-ho Stars scarf and I think some beads before the tassels might be the 'look' you are seeking. I love a few beads myself❣️ Your socks are smashing❣️I still haven't worked up the courage to knit a pair yet but I'm moving closer....it's the heal I think and after listening to your heal description, well I'm a bit scared still��. We've been having a very dry and warm winter here in New South Wales, Australia. The sun has shone 99.99% of the time. The only time I've needed a warm coat was last weekend when my husband and I went up to the Blue Mountains for 'Christmas in July' and still the sun shone! No chance of snow up there this year. I made The Hotel of Bees Shawl in pink and grey, it's so pretty. Keeping an eye out for your Instagram posts...very exciting. Hope you're enjoying your summer vacation❣️