Podcast Episode 33

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Sugared Watermelon Socks

Rik Rak Top

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Hufflepuff Socks
(Completely taken from Dani's idea!)
Ravelry Page

Jogless Jog Technique
You can find a lovely tutorial for the technique (as well as a lovely mitt) in this patter...
Stripey Arms by Amoena Online

I ♥︎ Summer Scarf
Stylecraft Classique Cotton 4ply again!
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Boho Stars Revival

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Moonlit Shawl Pattern
UK and US terms

Out Now!

in Betsy Makes Little Smile 4ply - Dirty Denim

In Stylecraft Sundae DK - Coconut Ice

Vintage Sweethearts Blanket CAL
2017 CAL in Crochet Now

Pattern now available online: Vintage Sweethearts Blanket

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  1. Such a well timed podcast... thank you. My (really not that little) P has been on a residential trip this week and I have needed lovely things in an attempt to take my mind off missing him. Lovely makes as ever, such a happy summery tee. Most unlike the chain mail look I seem to achieve with a cotton top - certainly the pattern would be great. And patterns... poor you with the shawl pattern mix up, but easily done I imagine. I'm sure everyone was understanding. I kept thinking I must purchase by July 2, yet July unexpectedly crept up on me and so I totally forgot!

    1. I will be in exactly the same position next week! Glad to have distracted you for a moment at least. :) Yes the pattern thing did get the old ticker racing but I'm so glad (and grateful) everyone was absolutely wonderful about it. Awesome folks buying my patterns, that's all I can say. S x

    2. Only just read this... how is your week going? Thinking of you!

  2. I love your ric rac top - I have dreamed of such a pattern. Every time I've made a top to wear, it feels so bulky - and I use a small cotton yarn. I'm beginning to think I may have to try bedspread cotton..... In Florida we do not need anything bulky - its too hot. Your ric rac top is lovely.

  3. very nice o like it alot will make from my left over yarn yeah