School's Out for Summer

It's time to hang up the metaphorical 'gone fishing' sign on the blog for a few weeks.

The school's have broken up for the summer holidays in these parts and that means lots of fun and frolics for me and Little Miss as well as a chance for us all to get away together as a family - yippee!

As it also means that getting much meaningful done is nigh on impossible, it's the perfect time to have a little break from my usual day to day world of Cherry Heart too.  So in theory I'm hanging up my typing fingers for a few weeks to rest, relax and re-couperate for a bit.

In reality of course I'll be busier than ever, arranging lots of exciting things to see and do to keep the small (not so small) person entertained, prepping to go away, dealing with the aftermath of going away, and generally being scintillating company to my darling girl at all times.

All good fun, but fairly exhausting too.  I know I'll be begging for my normal routine and some quiet time in front of the computer come September, but we've lots to enjoy before then.

See you soon!

S x





  1. Have a lovely lovely time, but whatever you do don't forget to come back! Thanks so much for all you do. I appreciate and so love all of it . Happy holidays :)

    1. Oh thank you, what a lovely message! Don't worry though, I'd be sure to be back!

      S x

  2. Have a lovely 'holiday'. Is that a Granny rectangle blanket I see in the backdrop?

  3. have a nice summer with the love ones