Baby Grannie Hearts & Itty Bitty Hearts

I've been waltzing around social media lately, flaunting my hearts about the place.  Pretty little crocheted hearts to be more precise.

I made some bunting for my garden brolly, which I showed at the end of this podcast and I made lots and lots of teeny tiny, itty bitty ones when I made my I love Summer shawl...

The pattern for that is coming btw, I haven't forgotten and it is almost ready.  Just you know how it goes, holidays, busy... etc, excuse, etc...

 And I've also been using them in my sneaky shots of the up and coming Spicier Life Blanket too.  (Launching on 19th Sept, just saying...)

Some of you have been asking me what pattern I used for these cute little crochet decorations and as much as I'm always willing to share such information, in this case I didn't have any to share as these were just things that I'd whipped up one day.  Sort of like crochet doodles.

The little Itty Bitty ones I came up with ages ago and I've used it quite often for all sorts of things as they only take a minute to make and look quite cute when attached and hung from things.  Mini bunting, present decorations, dangling from the edge of a shawl, just for random example!

The slightly larger ones I came up with more recently as I wanted a way to show off the different colours that will be in the various new colour packs for the Spicier Life CAL.  These are pretty much based on the Grannie Hearts pattern that has been on my blog for years now, but I wanted something a bit smaller and so I decided to come up with a mini, or Baby version.

What I'm getting around to saying, in my long winded way, is that I've finally gotten around to writing the pattern for these little loves up at last which means that I now have a pattern that I can point those enquiring minds too at last.  Yay!

It's just a little freebie pattern but I thought you might find them as handy as I do, so I'll pop the download link at the end of the post.

I'm also including a little picture here to give you a bit of an idea of the sizes.  Obviously you can make these in any size you like by just changing up the yarn weight and hook.  For example the Baby Grannie Hearts I made for my Insta pics were in DK yarn, but the Itty Bitty Hearts for the shawl, I made with 4ply thread and a nice small hook.   This picture shows them both in DK yarn (4mm hook) so you can see how they compare to each other.

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Sandra Paul

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  1. Thanks so much for your free hearts' pattern, Sandra. One of the loveliest smaller patterns I use from you is the very pretty lacy style Christmas tree with a star on top. I'm going to do those this Christmas. They're so lovely!

  2. Got to love a crochet heart, and yours are very cute:)

  3. Thank you for sharing your sweet heart pattern. Love them! I love the shawl you made with all the little hearts dangling on the edges. Too cute!

  4. I use a shared computer and can now use a pdf pattern as I can just sit there writing down al the patterns. oh well thank you anyway. They are very pretty.