A Spicier Life CAL - Part 4

Hello again you wonderful CAL gang!

We are over half way through our CAL now and I do hope your crochet confidence is growing with each part you are hooking up.  This week our blankets will really be taking shape and starting to grown into something that will be lovely to snuggle under.  It might even be starting to keep you warm as you crochet.

I'm stretching those intermediate skills a little further this week, as we attempt some 'post' stitches.  You might have seen these appearing in the crochet world a lot lately as they are growing in popularity.  It's even possible to create crochet cabling using combinations of these stitches, so they are a great skill to have under your belt as they will open up a whole new range of possibilities.

Of course, I've made sure you get some extra help with these stitches, so you'll find video links to help explain everything and as usual I've popped the relevant links in the downloadable pdf below as well as together with all the past links, on the Spicier Life CAL page.

Download Pattern Part Four

Remember you can share your pictures using the #SpicierLifeCAL tag and pop along to the Spicier Life Crochet Along Group on Facebook for lots of 'Spicier' chat.

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If you're thinking of making this blanket, we'd love it if you joined us!

Not only will you be very welcome, there is still plenty of time to get involved and there's no race to finish either, the group will stay open and the pattern will remain available after the official CAL...

Yarn Packs are available from Black Sheep Wools
(See the four lovely options below)

You can catch up with the Spicier Life posts so far and find all the previous downloadable files from the Spicier Life CAL page.

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Yarn Pack Colours
Top Left: Jaipur in Debbie Bliss Rialto DK
Top Right: Taj Mahal in Stylecraft Special DK
Bottom Left: Jaipur in Stylecraft Special DK
Bottom Right: Bollywood in Stylecraft Special DK

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