I Love Summer Scarf

Ok, so if you are in the northern hemisphere, the idea of an 'I Love Summer' scarf might seem a little out of context right now but then, when did I ever manage to do anything in a timely manner?

On the upside though, my friends in the southern hemisphere will hopefully find this wonderful apt as things are starting to heat up down there I think?

I actually started dreamt this one up while things are still nice a fresh and sunny around here and I think you can probably tell that rather influenced this design quite a bit.  I do love complimenting my outfits by rotating my collection of scarves and shawls around, I like the why they pep things up a bit.

So as summer started to roll around I found myself missing this extra element.  I wanted something that I could wear without overheating, that would compliment my light, prettier summer blouses and of course, the idea of including some lovely, dangly, cute hearts just pushed it into the 'must make' department for me.  I can't get enough of those dingly, dangly somethings!

I've been talking about this scarf and my plans to get a pattern out for it on the podcast (here and here), so if you've been watching, you'll know that it's something I've been working on.  After the final step of getting some very fabulous testers on board to test drive the pattern for me.  (Thank you so much you clever ladies!)  I'm very happy to say that today's the day and I've now got everything ready to go, yay.

So here we go my lovelies, a scarf to celebrate summer with, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

It's available in UK terms, and I've also created a version that has been converted to US terms, so I hope that will be helpful to all of you over the pond.

The link below will take you through to the Ravelry page where you'll be able to see all the relevant pattern information as well as the correct price in your currency/for your location.


Sandra Paul

Full written pattern in UK or US terms

Crochet chart included

Click for more details and pricing for your location


I love to see your projects so please feel free to share... #CherryHeart

S x





  1. Get out of here, that is soooo cute. I really want that scarf pattern and the BUY NOW linky doesn't work! Help me Sandra please!!!