Home Decoration in Crochet Book Tour

Hi everyone and welcome to my stop on Tanya's lovely shiny new book tour!

You might well have heard by now that there's a pretty new crochet book in town going by the name of 'Home Decoration in Crochet' by Tanya Eberhardt of Little Things Blogged.  I was delighted to be asked to be part of the tour because I've followed Tanya on Instagram (@ltblogged) for a long while now and her feed never disappoints.

I was also quite excited by the title as one of the main reasons I got draw into this crafty little underworld of ours is because I wanted to make things for my home.  So that sounded perfect to me.

When the book came, I made myself a cuppa and settled in a cozy seat so that I could have a proper indulgent and leisurely browse through the pages.  Taking them all in and enjoying the lovely styled photos.  There were a few projects that I immediately fell for.  Those little egg cozies I particularly like for some reason.  I don't know why dressing eggs up as fruit should work so well, but it does!

I also liked the summery feel of this cushion cover, something I could definitely do with replacing in my own house right now.  I also was particularly impressed with the fact that there were crochet charts for all the patterns and that the charts were so nicely and clearly done.  The use of colours to show each row clearly was especially good.

But there was one project that I knew would be my first make as soon as I saw it... 

Aren't they just too cute?

I love a potholder and these are possibly the sweetest ones I've ever seen, so it was no surprise that they called to me.  Plus I just knew that I had some lovely Stylecraft Classique Cotton in just the right colours sitting in stash.  It was all too easy.

So I whipped one up.  I followed the chart mostly to make mine as I tend to find that is usually the quickest way to 'see' what to do.  Of course it didn't take too long to make and I was pretty happy with it even when it was plain but the genius part for me was adding on those itty bitty sprinkles.  This took it to a whole new level of cuteness and I loved stitching every single one of them!

: :

Oops!  Did you spot my mistake?

I've only just now noticed I didn't add the little scalloped edging to my cupcake icing!  I'll have to go back and do that.  Although, I kind of don't mind how it looks without it....
Humm, what would you do?

S x





  1. I love the potholder! Nice book by the way.

  2. The cupcake looks fine with or without the scallop! :) Very cute projects!

  3. Wow, they are seriously cute. I want to make one now.😊

  4. Deliciously sweet pot holder!!
    keep well
    Amanda :-)

  5. I like with or without. My preference would be to make without now seeing yours. 😁

  6. Your potholder is sweet. I love the egg warmers in the book. I'll put thisbook on my wishlist.

    Have a great day, Margaret

  7. I prefer without as the cake looks more balanced. If adding more icing I think slightly irregular edges like the other sides would be better than the border in the original. I think though that I would leave it as it is. Pretty potholder :)


  8. I prefer your version without the scollops too, it's a mistake that was meant to be ;)