Podcast Episode 38

Show Notes

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Beautiful Hank of Café au lait yarn from Crafternoon Treats
Lovely 'Spellbound Socks' pattern from Naomi Buchanan

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Soul Soothing Poncho

Ravelry Page

Soul Soothing Mitts

Ravelry Page

: :   DOING   : :

Bow Ties are Cool!

Garters Ahoy!

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Coming Soon...
Pattern Re-Release as a single PDF File
US Terms version

: :

Find out all the information you need and get the pattern downloads

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Lovely Gifts from Ali (Little Drops of Wonderful) and Sam (Betsy Makes)

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The Knitting Shed (Ainsworth & Prin)
Betsy Makes on Etsy


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  1. I don’t would really like to find the tutorial for the soul soothing poncho .i
    I did try Ravelry it didn’t work
    Thank you for a reply

  2. It was great to see you again and I'm so pleased that you found the yarn that you'd been imagining :)

  3. Lovely knitting along with you today! Your poncho looks so snug and is gorgeous. And oh my those socks. Your knitting is soooo impressive to get the lettering so very perfect. I am so impressed. And now I need to knit the evergreen socks even more (I think that is the pattern you were referring to for your dreamy green yarn). I adore this pattern, and feel unable to resist for much longer. Particularly when I see yours!

  4. Hi
    Could you give us the dimensions of your soothing poncho .I.d love to make it .y.s

  5. Bertie is beautiful! Super, super cute doggy. Love your poncho design. I didn't get to Festiwool. Am so disappointed that I missed it all. Am booking hubby for next year to take me (I can't drive). My new year resolution is to master socks. HAVE GOT TO DO IT.