Round and Round the Crochet Hook Book Tour

Hello everyone!

Today it is my turn on the 'Round and Round the Crochet Hook' Book Tour and it's lovely to have you all here.  As you'll probably know, this is the pretty new book by Emily Littlefair of The Loopy Stitch, who also has a beautifully colourful and bright feed on Instagram too (@theloopystitch).

I love the colourful cover of this book, it looks so tempting and makes you want to dive in, don't you think?  As you might well have gathered from the name, the projects in this book are all ones focusing on working in the round and glorious circular shapes.

There are some really pretty doily and mandala patterns in here, and whilst I am a complete sucker for a doily, I found myself more drawn to the cushion designs this time.  I really like the use of a chunky yarn to enlarge a small motif and the 'Sunny Citrus' cushions jut make me smile every time I see them.  How could you fail to be happy if you could sit and eat your breakfast at that table every morning?

After thinking to myself that I wasn't going to make a doily style pattern as I didn't have anywhere to put one, I did keep finding myself coming back to this table runner pattern 'String of Blossoms'.  I really like the shapes Emily has created and the way she combined two slightly different motifs.

I'm not so much of a table runner kind of girl but as this is the sort of pattern that is super easy to adapt, I thought I'd go for a slightly smaller version.  Which  of course, is effectively a doily!  Honestly, I can't seem to stick to anything some times, even things I 'decide' myself.  Useless.

Anyway, I thought cotton would be a good choice for this as I had the idea it could also be used as a mini place mat, or maybe even a pot holder type of thing.  (Still trying to convince myself I wasn't making a doily.)  So I turned to my trusty supply of Stylecraft Classique Cotton once again, the 4ply version this time as I didn't want it to be too big.

I had fun combining the colours and the motif was nice and simple to memorise.  This is a book with really lovely clear charts in, which I love to use, so once I had made one, I was well away.

I really like the look of my mini sampler version of this design, but I kind of want to keep going with it too, and add another circle of motifs all the way around.  At the moment though I'm using this as a rather luxurious coaster when I'm drinking from my pretty tea cups.
It adds an indulgent touch to my afternoon tea I feel!

S x





  1. Very pretty - I love cotton so much. It feels so good to my skin while I'm crocheting and also the finished object. Love it - love it.....