My Battenberg Blanket and the 'Modular Join'

It began with an idea and a whole heap of minis... 
...and it's turning into what might just be my favourite make ever!

If you've already seen this blanket pop up on Instagram or watched my latest podcast (Episode 41), you'll recognise this blanket and you might also know that I've come up with a cool new 'Join As You Go' (JAYG) technique for crocheting all these squares together.

I'm calling it Modular Join - JAYG Crocheted Seams and I've made a video tutorial to show you how it's done....  Modular Join Tutorial  (There's a left handed version too.)

Of course, you might not watch my podcast, (I'm sure that not every one who reads the blog does) so I thought I'd just show you a little more of the blanket here and show you what I've been doing with the vast majority of my crochet time just lately. 

I had the idea for this blanket quite some time ago, I've always loved the look of those farm house style patchworks quilt made up of tiny squares and you can also see how influenced I was by this stunning blanket in progress by the very talented @the_night_sky_dreamer.  I know Vanessa has had this one on the go for a while and it's clear to see that it's obviously settled into my consciousness and found it's way out in this project!

I'm also not entirely sure I ever got the idea of knitting a 'cozy memories' blanket out of my system either.  I started one a few years ago, but it just proved to consolidate my theory that knitting an entire blanket is just not for me.  On that occasion, my thwarted plans ended up in my Happy Scrappy Squares, but as much as I love that blanket too, it still doesn't really quite satisfy my urge to see all those pretty little knitted squares neatly nestled together.  For me, I think this blanket is the answer.

So I've spent the last year or so hoarding minis in readiness for the time when I might actually be free to work on what I suspected would be rather a mammoth project and, at the end of last year, I finally found some time to start.  I began to tinker around making up these teeny, tiny squares.  Why I think it's a good idea to make an entire blanket from 4ply, 3 round solid granny squares I can't tell you.  I just know the urge is there and it's been there a long time!

As there will be literally hundreds of these teeny tiny squares in order to make a decent size blanket, my mind had been pondering the problem of joining them all together.  Sewing them altogether at the end was right out as far as I was concerned (can you imagine? urgh!) but that was okay, because I thought I'd come up with the perfect work around.  I was going to join them as I went along, but just in the corners, as I did with my Weekender blanket.

But alas, that idea did not fly!  Even though the squares were fairly small, there was still lots of space for some horrible gaping (see pic above) and it just wouldn't lie nice and flat and smooth, so the idea had to be abandoned.  It was a bit of a blow I don't mind telling you, especially as I couldn't for the life of me think what to do instead.

But, I'm going to cut a long story short as you already know the ending to that tale.  Suffice to say, I got there in the end!

And now I am more than a little bit infatuated with this blanket.  It's my only WIP and it's all I want to work on.  The incredibly happiness I get from making up these squares and then joining them together is kind of crazy.  I'm in L.O.V.E!

I think the fact I'm using so many different minis help, there's always that novelty of seeing how a new yarn will work up and how the different tones of each will look.  I've just been making a handful or so from each mini so there is only a short amount to do before I get to crack open a brand new one and discover what that has in store.

Then of course there is the fun of taking a few more 'freshly minted' squares and playing with arrangements, adding a few more to the blanket each time.  Seeing those neat, neat lines and pretty squares come together and letting it slowly grow.  It's the most heart warming, joyful thing I've ever made and I just don't want to stop!

: :

Right, a few more pictures, and then I'll pop the joining tutorial link at the bottom for you.  I'm also going to link my pattern (it's a tutorial too) for the Solid Granny Squares, partly just in case you wanted to know but partly because I've used those as the basis for my joining.


Colourful Squares: 4ply mini skeins of all types!
(I've listed as many as I remember on my Ravelry page)
White Squares:  Drops Baby Merino 4ply in Off White (02)

3mm (Between a US C & D)

For all details, please see the Battenberg Blanket Page

Joining Method
Modular Join, JAYG Crochet Seams - Right Handed / Left Handed
(Video Tutorial)

S x