Podcast Episode 41

Show Notes

: :   WHAT I'M WEARING!  : :

Sorry, I meant to talk about this!
The cowl I'm wearing in this episode is a shop brought one that I got for Christmas, from Fat Face.
It's made up of lots of gorgeous coloured strands of single ply (or barely spun fibre) that are woven together and it's the most gloriously warm thing to wear!

: :   DONE   : :

Christmas Tree Socks

Garters Ahoy! Shawl

: :   DOING   : :

Battenberg Blanket

Pattern for squares: My Solid Granny Square (3 rounds only)

Joining Method: Modular Join (JAYG Crocheted Seaming)

Video Tutorial - Right Handed / Left Handed

: :  PIP's   : :

Forget Me Not Blanket

Post with square links
Full pattern coming soon.

Garters Ahoy! 

(Photo above)
Will be made up into a pattern soon.

: :   GOODIES   : :

Yarn from Regina at Herbstblatt Regina

Beautiful yarn from Emilia

A few of the many gorgeous goodies from Sam


 a special thank you to a 'Ravelry friend' for the Sway shawl too!

S x





  1. I was hoping you'd talk about that neck wrap you were wearing on this pod cast (January) - did you make it? It's scrumptious! But loved all the rest anyway, especially the dog walkies at the end. I am in the US and my Dad's family came to America in the 1600's but his people were from Bedfordshire, going back pretty far. Loved seeing it!

    1. Oh yes, I'm so sorry, I meant to talk about that! It's a woven cowl, made up of colourful strands of single ply fibre. It came from a shop called Fat Face! (I've added a little update to the notes above.) Thanks for asking!

      Amazing that your family originated from here so long ago. It's amazing that you've been able to trace back so far too. I find that sort of thing fascinating.

      Sandra x

  2. Your small squares blanket is so beautifully pretty and delicate. It reminds me of those Brambly Hedge illustrations - which is wonderful for me as I would live in a Brambly Hedge house if I could (being my ideal). Your patience is certainly being rewarded as the result is so worth it. Another lovely podcast, thank you. Lovely to see you again in this new year, I hope it is a happy one for you.

    1. Oh my, I love Brambly Hedge too! I hadn't thought of that, but actually you are so right... and I didn't think I could love that blanket any more than I already do! ;)

      Sandra x

  3. Lovely episode and that blanket is fab!

  4. Have spent a lovely time this late afternoon catching up with podcasts as I bake Mr R some birthday muffins and do some knitting... thank you for keeping me company and showing such dreamy makes. I do so want to knit a pair of evergreen socks... I will!