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Cooking up some colour magic (hopefully) with Sam today. Feels like I'm mixing up potions!

S x 



  1. I must admit I haven't bought into the hand dyed yarn, some of it just looks so random and also kind of weird or even ugly that anyone could do it, yet with a premium price tag on it. So many knitters do it, yet their aesthetic is not really all that nice. Having said that, I do see some that does look special but they are not necessarily the ones sold by well known pod-casters which for reasons unknown to me, sell out instantly despite the price tags and the lack of any wow factor. I feel a bit mean saying so but it is honestly how I feel about much of the hand dyed yarn I see. It often seems more than a bit emperor's new clothes-sy.

    Sam from Betsy Makes obviously comes into the skilled group because like you she makes only truly lovely things. I'm sure with your lovely colour sense you will too. I imagine that it is also a lot of fun.

  2. That is looking so beautiful! I love hand dyed yarns and fabrics. They are so different from the everyday norms. I look forward to seeing what is created from this yarn.

  3. I can't wait to see what you do with that. Everything you make is always so pretty.

  4. So exciting! Has the yarn dyeing bug well and truly bitten?