Podcast 43

Show Notes

What I'm Wearing

Quite Contrary Shawl
Ravelry Page

: :   DONE   : :

 Lucy Mouse
Ravelry Page

Emily Rabbit
Ravelry Page

Jack Rabbit
Ravelry Page

All in Cute Crocheted Animals by Emma Varnam

: :   DOING   : :

Granny Cowl

Ravelry Page

Good Intentions Hoop

by Chrissie of Chrissie's Crafts

: :  PIP's   : :

Granny Goes Large Blanket

Yarn Packs now available from Black Sheep Wools

Now available in UK and US terms
Granny Goes Large Pattern Page

Peek-a-Boo Blanket

Now available in US Terms
Peek-a-Boo Blanket Pattern Page

Spicier Life Blanket

Now available in US Terms
Spicier Life Blanket Pattern Page

Bali Wrap

Now available in US Terms
Bali Wrap Pattern Page

Giant Granny Patches

Now available as a PDF
Complete colour and layout details included
Available in UK and US Terms
Giant Granny Patches Pattern Page

Painted Roses Blanket

Now updated to include charts
Available in UK and US Terms

Faded Painted Roses Blanket

A supplement has been added to the original pattern with complete colour and
layout details for the Faded Painted Roses version

Painted Roses and Faded Painted Roses Pattern Page

(Update emails have been sent with fresh download links,
or see your Ravelry library for the updated file.)

: :   GOODIES   : :

Hand dyed yarn by me!
Left to Right ('cos the naming is half the fun):
Blackberry Pciking
Nemo's House
Magical Mystery Tour
Cherry Blushes
Thank Crunchie it's Friday

Beautiful skeins by Sam
Coming to Betsy Makes on Etsy at the end of March

Unravel Haul
Skein Queen
Fine Fish Yarns
West Green Loft Yarns
Olann Yarns
An Caitlin Beag
Ida's House
Beaker Buttons
Eliza Conway

Beautiful yarn by Erin
Holland Handmade Co on Etsy

: :


S x





  1. Great job your daughter did on the rabbit scarf and congratulations on finishing the ends - shows focus and dedication even though she dragged her feet a little.....

  2. Hi Sandra,
    What a beautiful and colorful episode! Loved viewing your yarn haul. I appreciate all your hard work with adding photographs and the links so we can further view the yarn makers yarns. I was wondering if you could elaborate a little more about the 'high standard' of the booths you visited at the festival as it sounded so interesting to me.

  3. I think peach or grey will both look equally nice as the main shawl or border, but possibly the peach might be more flattering when worn next to the skin, but you will know best what to decide.

    The bunnies are adorable, I love your daughter's colours together and her scarf is lovely and neat and pretty. She has obviously been taught well about her turning chains! The mouse is very sweet too; looking forward to seeing a kitty if you make one. Toy faces are hard and tiny changes can make quite a difference but yours all look very cute. I totally get why you love them so much. I love seeing all the range of different things that you make with crochet. Thanks for another lovely podcast.

    I'm glad you mentioned Holland Handmade, I really like her podcasts.

  4. Hi Sandra, really interesting podcast, loved the animals (unusual for me as not into toy making), and all that colourful yarn. Also love the faded painted roses blanket. Can you tell me the name of the shawl by Crochet Crowd that you want to make in peach and grey?

  5. I have the animal book too and have made the rabbit and just starting the dungarees for the teddy. Going to be a birthday present. I made another rabbit for my mum. Really lovely book too. Good to see cutesy Bertie. The yarn all looks lovely but am always scared to get skeins in case they get all tangled. I need to learn how to unravel into balls. I’ve just about finished your faded roses blanket. Just the border to finish. It is beautiful. Going to start on your newer blanket next. Cannot remember the name though. It’s squares again. Made lots of the peekaboo blankets too. Thank you for all your inspiration.

    1. Oh the dungarees are adorable too. I think I need a whole wardrobe for mine! lol. Thanks so much, I'm so glad you're enjoying the blankets! 😘

      S x