What is this flashposting lark anyway?

You might have noticed that I've been posting some mini posts lately under the title of 'flashpost'.  You might also be wondering what it's all about.

And of course, you might not!  But if you are vaguely interested, I thought I'd explain...

It's a little challenge that I've decided to set myself for this year and it's about focussing a little more on my blog and a little less on Instagram.

It came about after I found myself moaning and grumbling more and more about Instagram.  You know this tale I'm sure... first they messed with the timeline, then they started to hide posts of the people I follow, then all the ads came along, and so on and so on.  With each new change that Facebook have made, I've found the Instagram experience is eroded a little bit more.

And yet, so far, I stay.  I keep moaning, but keep posting.

This is about me finding a way to redress that.

Instagram is instant, easy and you can do it anywhere.  That's the attraction.  But blogging doesn't have to be any less instant, any less easy, or any less mobile.  I can write a blog post, get your comments and respond, all from my phone if I want.  Better yet, my blog isn't affected by algorithms, plastered with ads, notifying you of other people's comments, or suggesting you follow someone else.

So my challenge to myself is to 'flashpost' once a week.
A post that's for my blog and not for Instagram.  A post you can all see, if you choose to.


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  1. Thank you! I have just recently gotten back into blogging and I do love it. I've had one for almost 10 years. Other media has issues, you are right. Sometimes there is just TOO much to check (or post to) - facebook, instagram, twitter, etc. I could spend all day "liking" something as well. I am weary of it! I'm going to look into flashposting!

  2. I do get to see all that you post on Instagram (I think) and without any ads which would annoy me. That reminds me I get ads on flickr when I occasionally go over there and it is intrusive. I don't have an Instagram account as I have no smart phone so view Instagram from my pc. I look up anyone I want to see in search which works pretty well. I don't get to comment though and I miss out on stories. (I believe I could see those if I down loaded an app, which I'm not going to do as my computer for various reasons won't let me.) I know a lot of people are unhappy with Instagram and from what you say, I'm not surprised.

    I love reading blogs most of all, and although so many have disappeared, luckily there are some lovely ones still left. The ones that I first started to read are still there in some cases - like Posie gets cozy. I think a few people seem to be going back to their blogs too. I am so glad you continue to post here on your blog.

  3. Well I love your short little posts. I haven't bothered to learn Instagram. Or Twitter. Or probably a bunch of other things. It just seems that after I've browsed Facebook and Pinterest I've already wasted plenty of time that could be used for crafting.

  4. I love this #flashpost idea! My blogging is all done on a mobile phone or tablet.

  5. I have been looking at your flashposts and I really love the idea. It's a great solution to the Fb/Insta problem.

  6. Oh what a great idea Sandra... I'm fairly new to all this technology....yes, I'm almost a dinosaur...and I started by watching blogs, then I discovered podcasts...oh my...and finally I decided to give instagram a go as this way I could share a little bit about my life without having to blog or podcast...( I couldn't abide Facebook...) and also because many of my favorite bloggers had stopped blogging....
    At first I was happy with IG , but lately I have the same concerns as you, so I'm really pleased to be able to read your blogs, as I sometimes miss posts, mainly because of our time difference...there are so many posts that arrive overnight and they seem to be all over the place....I hope many more bloggers do the same as you...and I still haven't been game enough to pick up that crochet hook and start...💕😂💕 love your podcasts too...

  7. I'd started blogging again, then discovered Instagram, and it's been gathering dust ever since. Like you, I'm becoming very frustrated with Instagram; I post less frequently and browse rarely. I don't know why it hasn't occurred to me to start posting more to my blog, but thank you for the tip :D I get stuck in thinking blog posts have to be long, detailed things, but they don't. Flash posting is a brilliant idea .

  8. Thank you - I've always preferred following bloggers and rarely get on Instagram. Your blog is the top one I follow....

  9. Always lovely to see one of your blog posts pop up...

  10. I'm another one that likes reading blogs.Over the time i've followed blogs I have found SO much inspiration,and, without the likes of this one Sandra and Attic24 I would not have discovered the pleasures of crochet, so thanks go to you and all the other bloggers that continue to give so much!xxx