Dancing balls

A little nugget of delicious crochet inspiration dropped into my inbox just the other day, and it was one that I had to act on at once!

In case you don't recognise these already, the source of my inspiration was of course lovely Lucy from over at Attic 24, the origin of many a delicious crocheting gem, as I am sure you will know.  She was sharing her 'Making the Seasons' post for February, which is a little crafty series that she and Gillian from Tales of a Happy House are posting about together.  (Btw, Gillian's blog is also brilliant and one I highly recommend.)

Anyway, as part of that post, Lucy was talking about how a friend of hers had been inspired to use her Little Balls pattern, (that Lucy originally created when she made her wreaths) to make a beautiful wintery garland for her (the friend's) fireplace and how she (Lucy) was inspired to do the same for her mantle too.

Well, as soon as I saw all those cute little colourful balls Lucy had whipped up and how they sat bobbing along her mantle so sweetly, I found myself to be similarly inspired!  That's a lot of creative inspiration swirling around and sparkling lots of lovely makes.  Just what we love!

Like Lucy, I wanted to go for a similarly wintery feel so I decided to base my colours on those beautiful winter mornings you get when it's cold and so clear, when the sun is still slowly rising and the mist lays low across the fields.  The sky has all these subtle tones of yellow from the sun, touches of pinks, fading to pale blues and the mist mutes all of the tree and hedge colours to soft shades of putty and silvery grey.  Yum, love it!

Ideally, in my minds eye, this wintery scene includes a soft mint shade from such greenery that has survived the frosts, but I decided to leave that out.  I only had the tiniest scrap of the right colour and to be honest, as I wanted this to work well with my living room colours, I felt the mint threw things off a bit.  It does mean that my so called 'wintery palette' has ended up with more than a little Easter-y 'Mini Egg' vibe about it but I love it, so I really don't mind.  And anyway, it can see me nicely through that season too, and as it is fast approaching it's really quite appropriate!

Little crocheted balls: Excellent Insta fodder!


I forgot to add details of the yarn I used, it's a rag bag of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino and Rialto that I had left over.  (I don't know the exact colours I'm afraid as ball bands have long gone and many colours are discontinued quickly with the Cashmerino. - Sorry!)

S x





  1. I love your winter/Easter balls! They are so pretty, and look super quick to make too.

  2. So pretty - great idea! 💕

  3. Oh! Here's to little balls dangling off of mantels everywhere. That so lovely! Where's my crochet hook?

  4. Whimsy and fun. I love it!
    xx Beca

  5. really cute!! I can make grannie squares, do you think that counts? :) Love the wee balls for garland, very cute.

  6. Love it! The colours are just perfect. Also really taking inspiration from your flashposts.

    1. Thanks so much! They are quite fun to do, I'm finding it quite freeing to post and go and not fuss around so much!

      S x