They come in threes...

I'm not really a superstitious type, but sometimes I do have to wonder what fate is up to.
This week's woeful misfortunes include...

 1 shrunken lamb's wool jumper of Husband's (expensive!)
1 iPhone in the toilet (potentially* very expensive!)
1 broken plate (not cheap, but not half as expensive the other two!)

Ok, a little care and attention might (would) have prevented all of these I dare say.  More effort to read washing instructions, not putting my phone in my butt pocket constantly and taking care when getting china out of the cupboard are all easy and sensible precautions I foolishly didn't take, I admit.  But personally I think darker universal forces are at work.

I hope that now they have had their wicked way with me they will be moving on to torment the next poor soul in line.  Sorry, poor soul, whoever you may be!

Aside from all this disturbing phenomena though, exciting preparations are afoot.

Easter is coming and so I have spent a little time this morning getting ready for tomorrow's choocy hunt for DD.  We are holding it a little earlier than normal this year as we'll also be preparing to go off on a big trip across the pond to California this week.  

The trip Stateside will be our annual holiday this year, also coming early to co-incide with a family wedding and I am most definitely looking forward to getting out there and enjoying a little warmth I have to say.  So there is much to be positive about.

That will show those universal forces what's what.

The reason for telling you all this is that things will be a little quiet around here for a while.  So until I am back and something like normal service resumes, I'll leave you with this tantalising picture of delicious choccy-ness.  Yum!  Did you get yourself an Easter Egg this year?

S x

*it's sitting in a bag of dry rice and silica gel as we speak.  I remain (possibly naively) hopeful!

Oh and in case you wanted to know...

There is a pattern for the little easter egg bunnies in the picture, both a crochet and a knitted version:

Huggie Bunnies (Crochet)

Huggie Bunnies (Knit)

: :





  1. It does sound like you have had a hard week. Maybe your comments were just off the cuff with no real intention to them but there is some truth to the fact that we do have an enemy. That is the major point of celebrating easter for the Christian church. We can celebrate if we have accepted Jesus death on the cross, because His death was for the payment for our personal sins. Easter we celebrate because the Father accepted Jesus payment and raised Him up from the dead. Now we also will be raised from the dead if we believe and receive what Jesus did for us.

  2. Happy holidays! Have a wonderful time...

  3. Have fun in Cali! That must be a long flight.

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  5. Have a wonderful Easter and a great trip to the States! What a fun adventure. I know it would be if I was coming there. Hope you find a lot of yarn-y goodness while you're here!

  6. ENJOY your holiday dear Sandra! Please do pack a bit of warmth and sunshine when you get back... This part of the world needs it too :). X, Judith

  7. Have a good Easter break - but don't break anything else! Jo x

  8. OH my what bad luck you've had. I hope all changed in an instant and that you're or you've enjoyed your fabulous trip to L.A. :) We just got back from a Provence road trip... exhausted... so good to be home. Always lovely to explore the world and ALWAYS lovely to come home.