We interrupt this interruption...

This is kind of the second part to accompany my last post.  You see, when I interrupted all my other makes at the weekend to whip up that shawl, I also had to interrupt that make too because I had a holey emergency!

Can you see it above in my little strawberry there.  It's my little needle keeper that I keep dangling from my scissors.  I find it so, so handy.  It makes my scissors easier to find and of course, I've always got that darned darning needle to hand.  Perfect.

It seems that this well used and abused crochet fruit could stand it no longer and some of the strands had given way.  I'm not surprised really, I made it almost three years ago and it's practically been by my crafting side ever since, being pulled in and out of project bags and poked with needles.  That's a lot for small strawberry to bear.

So of course I had to make myself a replacement.

As it happens I had a little Rialto DK to hand in this pretty pink shade, so I used that for the new juicy fruit.  It's a DK yarn rather than the original 4ply, so I missed out a couple of rows in the pattern so I didn't end up with anything too oversized or meaty.  
Because who wants meaty fruit?  No one!

The leaves were oddments of Cashmerino DK and the little flower is even smaller oddments from my various scrappy 4ply mini projects I have going on at the moment.

Phew!  Normal service is now resumed and I have my crafty companion that looks good enough to eat back again.  I don't think I could have done with out it!

: :

Oh and here's the pattern link, in case you fancy a succulent strawberry of your own...


S x





  1. Mine is falling apart also - and I just recently threw it away and haven't started a new one yet. And its killing me - it kept my scissors from disappearing.....

    1. Oh I know, they are life savers for that aren’t they!

      S x

  2. I love strawberries so I am going to need to make one/some,LOL! Thanks for the pattern!!!!

  3. They remind me of my Wild Strawberry Wedgwood dishes. So cute.

  4. Love the addition of the teeny flower on this one...