Jet lagged but happy

So we are back in good ol'Blighty again after our jaunt to the other side of the pond.  A little Californian sun has done us all the world of good and you'll notice that I brought a little back with us.  (To some parts of the UK at least... you're welcome!)

We had a most lovely trip, filled with a good mix of busy, sightseeing, touristy days and nice, relaxing beachy and family days.  We did a little bit of Disney, some Hollywood, popped down to San Diego for Seaworld and spent some time catching up with Hubby's US relatives.  

One of my most favourite things though was our sunset ride up in the Hollywood Hills.  We arranged it with DD in mind as she loves to ride, but I got just as big a kick out of the experience.  It worked out rather perfectly.  We were in a small group, we had the hills virtually to ourselves, the scenery was stunning and the sunset looked spectacular.

I'll admit that the first few minutes were a little hair raising as our steeds, for reasons best know to themselves, prefer to walk right on the very outside edge of the dirt tracks, startlingly close to the steep and scary looking drops down the hillside.  It gives the thing an extra frisson of excitement but once you've forced yourself to focus into the distance and soak up the surroundings and general atmosphere, all is well.

Daughter (next inline) has steered her horse away from the edge, but you'll see mine (right up in front) is hugging the drop and leaving just a few scant inches of grass between me and the plummet downwards.

Of course, no trip could be complete without at least a little light yarn shopping and I was lucky enough to have my very own guide for the day.  The wonderful and generous Claudia of Crochet Luna Podcast offered to take me on a tour of some yarn shops in LA and around and so we spent a whole glorious day of squishing, delighted squealing and yes, spending.  I have lots to share of course, but I'll probably fill you in on all that on the next podcast.

While we're on the subject of yarn, I had obviously made sure that I took a good supply of wips with me.  It's a long flight into LA from London and I was sure I'd get loads done in the hours available, let alone on the lovely relaxing time I was going to enjoy while we were away.  Somehow that theory never does seem to pan out does it?  I did a little sock work on the plane but virtually nothing else.  There was always something better going on I suppose, although it's not often I'll say that!

Yarn Heaven - The Purl Soho Warehouse in Irvine

Neglected wips!

Lovely Laguna, our local beach.

Newport Beach Harbour

Then there was the whole reason for the trip in the first place, to be at my brother in law's wedding.  He lives here in the UK, but as he and my hubby have family out in the US and both love it there, it's always been a bit of a dream of his to get married there.  Lucikly for him, his bride to be didn't object to the notion of getting hitched so far from home and so they arranged a beach wedding.

It was a wonderfully simple and relaxed gathering on the beach for the ceremony followed by drinks and a bite to eat at the clubhouse nearby.  I was charged with the responsibility of the day's photography, a slightly daunting prospect but I hope I did ok.  I went with the 'take a million shots and surely there will be some good ones in there' policy and I hope they will be happy with what I got.  I'm including one of my favourites below for you.  They make a pretty pair don't they?

The Happy Couple!

Well there we are.  Now we're home and it's back to the old routine.  It's taken a day or two to settle in to life in the UK again we enjoyed ourselves and the convinces of America so much while we were away but then, there's no place quite like home is there?

S x





  1. What a lovely holiday filled with wonderful memories, lucky you:)

  2. Thank you for sharing some of your photos - so beautiful.

  3. I've had you on my mind, wondering how your trip was going. My niece lives out that way and she used to work in Newport Beach. I've never been out west farther than Indiana myself. Glad you had a wonderful time.

  4. Lovely photo's and so glad you and your family had a safe and awesome trip. My daughter lives in LA so I will be checking out the Soho Warehouse. Have a great week!

  5. Looks like a lovely holiday... and thank yog for sharing the sun!