Garters Ahoy!

There is something utterly beautiful to me about the glorious combination that is speckled yarn and rows and rows of wonderfully mindless garter stitch.

That, is the essence of what this shawl is about really.  The fact that I love how speckled yarns look in garter stitch, twinned with the fact that I really do adore a really mindless and lazy project.  The kind where my brain doesn't have to work and I can just slide into the soothing and happy rhythm of clicking stitch after stitch into place.

I wanted to use DK yarn for this because I love how squishy it is in garter stitch and it does feel rather delicious I have to say.  I didn't block this one too much because I didn't want to loose that lovely smooshy effect, which is so nice to wrap up in.

Of course, it's getting to the time of year around here where wrapping warming woolly's round our necks won't be quite so necessary.  Well, we hope!  But the temperature has been erratic enough that I'm not dismissing my warming shawls just yet and there's always the fact that the other side of the world is just starting to cool down too!

As lovely as all those gorgeous garter bumps are, I did think it needed just a little bit of detail on the edging for a final finishing touch and so I've added a nice and simple ribbing style border.  Just enough to provide a little contrast with the main shawl, and yet something suitably plain to match the style of this make.

I do hope you'll fancy giving this little knit a go.  It's a reasonably quick one to do and a fab use for any lovely indie dyed hanks you might have.  But best of all, I hope you'll enjoy that wonderfully mindless and mediative effect of absolutely simple knit stitches...

by Sandra Paul

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I really love to see your shawls coming to life, so if you'd like to share yours with the tag #CherryHeart that would be fab!

Oh, and, if you fancy using this pattern to join in with the #CherryHeartMAL while you're at it, you might win a prize too.  You can find details of the Make Along at the top of this post.

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  1. Garter stitch bumps and speckles... two of my favourite knitting things. I was a lucky duck and won a gorgeous skein of dusty dimples' dk weight recently so I think this may happen soon!