Podcast Episode 46

Show Notes

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California Love Socks

Wisteria Trellis Shawl

Loads of Projects Bags

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Hosted by:

Claudia from Crochet Luna

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Dirty Speckles Socks

Breath of Air Cardigan

Battenberg Blanket

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Vintage Sweethearts Blanket


None to speak of!

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  1. Oh goody - I can't wait to watch tonight. Thank you

  2. Lovely podcast! The colours with the new phone are quite natural looking :) Can I add to the gushing over the Battenberg Blanket? I am only a small way in but am absolutely loving it as much as you gushed about! It is mindless but heart-happy crochet. I, too, am loving how the colours are coming together. My husband is probably quite tired of hearing me babble on about the different yarns as I work the squares together....Oh, look...that one was from Tracey's sock...and that on from Emily's...and this is from my favourite socks...no, wait...this one is my first favourite, that one is from my second favourite socks....and on and on the babbling goes. Poor dear! Anyways, I thank you for the inspiration :)

  3. What a nice podcast just packed with lovely things! Loving both those blankets so very much. Just beautiful. Your sewing is great - I am on a bag kick too but I suppose they are more general purpose bags. I think I might have the same sewing machine as the one I spied in the background. Mine is a Janome, but I have mistaken a Brother for it's twin before now.

    The shawl is perfect, it's nice to have different shapes and sizes to ring the changes, so the ends are just fine how they are. Also it looks like a dual colour shawl and so the colours look pretty balanced - at that mid point they seem pretty equal in height and it just looks natural. The colours are beautiful together and the pattern looks lovely.

    I am looking forward to a short row heel that I can trust once and for all so would definitely be interested in our vanilla sock pattern. I have a short row heel I use, but it never quite makes sense even though it looks really nice. Short row heels seem a bit mysterious to me with them being interpreted in different ways, so it would be good to have some clarity there. I like that toe as well. I like rounded toes best I think.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful crochet - looking forward to seeing that pink cardigan (such a pretty colour) all done for next time. I always enjoy time in your company as well as the cheeky doggie interruptions.


  4. I love your Shawl Project with the peachy and grey yarn - it is so beautiful. I wouldn't redo it at all.....

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