Podcast Episode 47

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17th May - 30th June

Lots of lovely prizes to be won.
(Open worldwide)

Join us for the 'Cherry Heart Make Along'.  All you need to do is use one of my patterns or tutorials for your project pattern or tutorial and make up something to enter into the Finished Objects threads.

There will be three threads open in the Cherry Heart Ravelry Group for the MAL
(I'll pull prize winners from all threads.)

- A Chatter Thread for you to chat about your projects, yarn choices and show off progress.
- A 'Paid for' Finished Object (FO) Thread for purchased patterns.
- A 'Free' Finished Object (FO) Thread for free patterns and tutorials.

Join in on the Chatter Thread now

To Enter

1. Make a lovely project using any Cherry Heart pattern or tutorial. (Wip's ok!)

2. Share your progress pics and help spread the word using the tag #CherryHeartMAL

3.  Post your project in one of the Finished Object threads on Ravelry.


Each project can only be posted once, and only into one FO thread.
To post in the same thread again, or to post in another FO thread, you'll need another project!

Fabulous Prizes
Thank you for your kind donations!

Jenn of Jennsheelen.com
Naomi of Cosy Cute Knits
Erin of Holland Handmade
Regina from Herbstblatt Regina
Claudia of Crochet Luna on Etsy
Lynn of Stitching Fairy Crafts on Etsy
Darlene of Awesome Grannie Bags on Etsy
(Discount code: "CherryHeart")

: :   KNIT CRATE BOXES   : :

Knit Crate 

: :   DONE   : :

Breath of Air Cardigan

Dirty Speckles Socks

: :  DOING   : :

Ink Blot Socks

: :   PIPs   : :

Garter's Ahoy Shawl

Out now!

See the Garter's Ahoy pattern page for details

Toasty Twist Socks
Coming Next

Mix and Match Socks
A 'Choose Your own Adventure' style sock pattern!


Bee pin (above), Love Bird and Mabel pins and Sweet Bird progress keeper (shown in other pics)
...all from gorgeous Jooles of Sew Sweet Violet

Knit Pro Mega Ball Winder
I got mine from Dina's Home of Crafts on Etsy

S x