Looking a lot like summer

So continuing the new theme of waffly style posts, here I am back with another.  The problem seems to be coming up with titles though.  It was all very well and good when I was posting about a specific project, I could just name the post after the thing.  Now I am confronted with the task of coming up with a name for this collection of waffle, which will separate it from the last lot of waffle.  I can't just call them all 'Some Things', however tempting that may be.

Oh well, let's just chat and see if something presents itself as we meander through this weeks photos...

So, the Essence of Unicorn blanket is continuing quite nicely.  I generally find that I can manage to add another stripe of colour each evening comfortably and now that I am starting on the decreases things will speed along even more.

We've also been enjoying some cracking weather this week.  Beautiful blue skies and real heat too.  In fact, as much as I do love the sun and to be outside when it is fine, the heat I don't particularly enjoy.  So I am finding myself retreating to the shade and then when that becomes too much, to the even cooler inside.  Not that I am complaining mind you, sunny is good.  Bertie however, is lapping it up.  Finding the sunny spots to sit in when inside and rolling around bearing his tummy to the warmth outside.  The boy is a total sun worshipper. 

More sun means lots of lovely washing line time too, don't you just love how quickly you get turn the washing round in this weather and how beautiful the sheets smell after a line dry?  This crocheted tablecloth that I inherited from my Nan looked particularly good flapping around in the breeze.

DD is reasonably disgusted with the increased levels of wildlife that come with the better weather.  She was unimpressed to find her swing had an uninvited guest one evening, but personally I though he was rather spiffing.  I was instructed to remove him to safer pastures but I had to get a pic of him first.  Look at those bristles on his back.  Awesome!

We're also enjoying a tiny crop of strawberries that we seem to have left over from a few years ago.  There isn't much to them but I haven't quite had the heart to turf them out of the pot they sit in and they do still produce a little fruit, so we just try to nab it before some other outdoor creature does and enjoy it when we find it

I don't have an awful lot on the go crafty wise, other than the blanket.  I've been making socks at a furious rate this year though (for me) and I'm making progress on my Pick n Mix style socks pattern.  I've described it on the podcast as a kind of 'Choose Your Own Adventure' version of a pattern, so it will be a little be different.  There are quite a few variables to consider, but it's coming together quite nicely and I hope it'll all make sense when all the elements are in place.

I've also started piecing together a few more 'Stocky Sock Bags' now that I've finished my Wildflowers embroidery.  I'm planning on whipping up a rainbow-esque one too, to fit in with Jooles' (Sew Sweet Violet) and Ami's (Little TailoressRainbow Along that's running at the moment.  Rainbows always look good!

Oh and just one last thing...

While I'm on the subject of the Stocky Sock Bags,  I do have to give you all a huge thank you and a massive virtual hug for the wonderful reception to my brand new, first ever, paid for sewing pattern!  

Honestly, the response has been so amazing and I'm so, so grateful to you all.  It's always a little nerve wracking doing something different and as I had to get my head around a new selling platform too, it was all a little scary to be honest.  So to see such a wonderful, supportive reaction to it has been very special and meant an awful lot to me.

Thank you!!

Oh, and one other last thing...
Here's the link to the Stocky Sock Bag pattern itself, in case you were interested or not sure what I'm talking about!

Ok, that's really it now.  See you next time.

S x





  1. Hello Sandra,

    Lovely post, thank you.

    Smashing caterpillar I believe it is the caterpillar of the vapourer moth. The caterpillar is stunning the adult less so. DD might like to look at butterfly conservation's page. https://butterfly-conservation.org/1034-1793/vapourer.html.

    Many thanks for all you do.


    1. Oh yes, that looks like it exactly. Thank you for that, I shall indeed show DD. Perhaps she will be more taken by the moth version. I'm pretty sure she was afraid the caterpillar was poisonous as it was so colourful!
      I think that might be what I've been seeing flitting around the fields on our dog walks too. I'll have to try and get a closer look...

      S x

  2. Oh happy sunny days.

    That spectacular caterpillar is the larvae of the vapourer moth. Quite a specimen!

    Your embroidery is exquisite. I feel absolutely inspired to find a shady spot and do a spot of needle work myself.

    K x

    1. Absolutely, sunny days are the best. Thank you so much for the caterpillar identification. I've looked him up to show DD. I think she'll prefer him as a moth!

      I think embroidery is a lovely warm weather craft and definitely nice and relaxing.

      S x

  3. Ha! I am so tempted with the blog title 'some things'. Congratulations on the stocky sock bag pattern - it really is the perfect shape. I have rainbow coloured project plans too - though after I have finished my cherry heart mal shawls! One blocked waiting for ends to be sewn, one blocking and on the border of the third. Which will still need a block - we have got til Saturday haven't we?!

    1. Woo hoo, I'm so impressed by all your gorgeous shawls, you've been so busy! Yes, don't worry, you've got all of Saturday to get them up in the FO thread. :)

      'Some Things' is very tempting, especially when brain power is low.... like always! ;)

      S x