New Etsy Shop & Stocky Sock Project Bag Pattern is here!

Well this is a week of firsts for me...

It's the first time that I've ever published a PDF sewing pattern, the first time I've ever set up shop on Etsy and the first time I've ever got two patterns out in the space of one week!

I launched my Toasty Twirls sock pattern earlier this week and a huge thank you to everyone who has brought a copy already, it's so appreciated.  When I posted about the sock, I was saying how I tend to need to wait for a 'brave day' before I can send a pattern off out into the world.  Afterwards I almost always I find myself wondering why because you fab lot always manage to make me feel better about it all with your kind words of enthusiasm and encouragement.

So, buoyed up by those good vibes, and from chatting to you all on my podcast the other day, I've taken the plunge into the world of Etsy to get my 'shop' up and running.  After a period of initial befuddlement, the mists began to clear and I think things are looking ship-shape now.
(I hope so at least, but if any of you out there are Etsy savvy and can spot any glaring omissions/errors, do please let me know.  I'd be most grateful!)  

There are a few Cherry Heart like variations on Etsy already, so I've gone with 'CherryHeartShop' for mine.  It seemed like a good 'does what it says on the tin' kinda name.  Here's the link...

Cherry Heart Shop

You can go ahead and press 'favourite shop' when you get there too if you like, just so you can find in nice and easily in future, you know! ;)

All of this Etsy chatter means that I now have a place to put the brand new sewing pattern for my Stocky Sock Bags.  Most exciting!

Just to explain, as I'm not sure how much I've talked about the Stocky Sock bags here, I've been a little obsessed lately with making up new project bags in a cute and dumpy style that I think is ideal for small projects.  Socks are perfect but small shawls, mitts, hats on so on would work very nicely too.

I first came up with the bee version that you can see in the pic up above, which came out so cutely. I've since refined and tweaked the pattern further to make it just right and I now have a two colour design that I love so much!

The pattern will include information on two slightly different variations, one with a super simple plain lining and also a version where you can add in some handy dandy pocketing.  The plain version gives you the maximum space for yarny goodness, but the pockets are so useful for stowing pattern pages, crochet hooks, knitting needles, scissors, your phone....
(I'm a bit of a pockets fan, I must admit.)

I've made up quite few now and I'm really happy with their dinky sizing and squat shape, which sits in a perfect bucket beside you, keeping your yarn all snug inside while you merrily stitch or hook away.  Perfect.

Of course, it's endlessly customisable, you can add buttons and embroidery, hexies like my bee bag above, or little labels as I like to do.  That part is entirely up to you.

Anyway, if you fancy having a go at whipping one up yourself, just pop along to my new Etsy shop and grab yourself a pattern.  Here's the link, although you won't have too much trouble tracking it down, it's the only thing in there right now!

Stocky Sock Project Bag PDF Pattern

Ooh, I really do hope you enjoy it and I'd absolutely love it if you wanted to share some of your bags with me.  Use the #CherryHeart hashtag if you do, that would be very exciting.

Oh and this is my very first little venture into making a proper sewing pattern to sell, so it you spot any horrible boo boos, please do let me know.  Thank you!

S x





  1. Well oh well dear Sandra. That's about time., Welcome to Etsy Land! :)

  2. She says with a twink in her eye of course... I hope you got that, right? :o

  3. Preciosa colección de neceseres!!

  4. Congratulations! Your bags really are the sweetest shape...