There'll be bluebirds...

On my last podcast I was wearing a little bluebird necklace (Ravelry) and I promised I'd get the pattern up on the blog for you.

Well, as may have reasonably been predicted, I'm a little later than advertised.  (Ooops!)  But, I am here at last and I come bearing the pattern for you... hoorah.

I made this little birdie quite some time ago for a magazine, the original version had a separate wing that had to be sewn on but coming back to the pattern I couldn't remember why I had come up with that method and so I've modified this little chap so that he can be made all in one piece.  A much better idea if you ask me.

He's actually based more on a swallow than a bluebird if truth be told, hence the tail shape, but as I made the originals in a beautiful bright blue, the bluebird name kind of stuck with me, so that's what he's known as!

This is one of those quickie little motifs that you can make up in any old size by simply varying the yarn and hook you use, or even by holding two or more strands of yarn together.  I've tried both methods and they both work well.  

It's one of those patterns where it can take a moment or two to see where it's going, but simple enough once you made one and can see what's going on with the wings and tail and so on.  I've also popped a chart in for you for this one, because I think the chart lovers among you will find it much easier to be able to 'see' what's going on. 

I like the idea of using him for appliqué, I thinking of making up a project bag with one or two sewn on and I think he'd look good on jeans too.  But the first idea I had was to turn him into a necklace, which I though would be quite cute.  

A broach would work well too though wouldn't it?  And a podcast viewer suggested it would make cute hair clips too which is a great idea.  (Thank you Dixiegirl!)

I used a 4ply cotton (Stylecraft Classique Cotton) and a 2.5mm hook to make my necklace bluebird and I painted him with a nice few layers of PVA (white glue) to stiffen him up nicely.  Once he was completely dry and hardened, I just popped the jump rings into his beak and tail and ta dah, he was done!

You have to use 100% cotton yarn if you want to work the stiffening trick by the way, it doesn't work with wool, but I've popped little details like that into the pattern too.

I was a little worried about him getting bent out of shape in the wearing, with his slender little wings and tail, hence using a few layers of PVA rather than just one, but I'm glad to report he's holding up nicely and I've been wearing him quite a bit lately.

I wore him to Fibre East the other day, it being the only hand made creation I could bear to wear in this heat, and I got some lovely compliments, so that was really lovely.

: :   FREE PATTERN   : :

Sandra Paul

See more pattern details and download the PDF using the link above.

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I hope you have fun making some birdies for yourself and I'd love to know how you decide to use him.  Feel free to share with me using the #CherryHeart tag!

S x





  1. Such a pretty bluebird, Sandra. He looks lovely as a necklace! Great for an appliqué too, on a hat or bag or clothing! I'm printing the pattern in US terms as those are the ones I learnt to crochet with!
    You seem to have attached a chain to two extremities of the bird in your necklace. Do you have a link to buy those chains?
    Thanks so much for this sweet pattern!

  2. Thank you for posting the pattern. I've been eagerly waiting for this one. I am in love with birds - blue especially. I am so excited to make me several necklaces and other applications as well - maybe a matching bracelet using a smaller yarn? I'll have to play with it first..... and thank you for the glue tip. Great idea.

  3. Hello Sandra. Thanks for this pattern. I thought I saw you on Sunday at Fibre East, just entering a marquee. Was that you? First time for me at this event and bought some lovely dyed skeins of wool. I am going to use mine as pattern in a pale background knitted tunic. Can't wait to begin, need to order the pale yarn.
    Regards Anne

    1. You are so welcome, I'm glad you like it! And yes, it very possibly was me! I was certainly there on the Sunday, with my lovely yarny pal, Sam of Betsy Makes, so you may well have spotted us. I hope you enjoyed the festival? I can't seem to get enough of them, or the yarn! ;)

      S x

  4. Ooh he's lovely, thank you Sandra

  5. Te quedó divino, me encantan, te sigo desde ya .
    Te invito a que te des una vuelta por mi blog y si te gusta te quedes

  6. Merci. So hübsch! LG ♥ Gisa