Cha Cha Chevron Socks

Are you ready for a little glitter and razzmatazz?

Well I hope so, because the Strictly* season is upon us and it's time to make some socks to grace those dancing feet!

 I'm a little bit of a late comer to the whole Strictly scene, only being roped into watching by Little Miss who became a little obsessed a couple of years ago.  It didn't take long before I too was hooked by the dancing, drama and of course the enormous amount of glitter! 

Last year, I joined in with Ali from the Little Drops of Wonderful podcast as she hosted her 'Strictly Sock Along'.  A now annual event, where socks are cast on, knitted, (or crocheted) and finished whilst enjoying all the Strictly shenanigans.

Earlier this year, I was very delighted to be contacted by Ali with a request to turn the socks that I'd made for last year's Along, into a pattern for us all to enjoy and fit for this year's Strictly Along fun.  

Well, I jumped at the chance to get on board and started beavering away producing the pattern.  It didn't take long though before I realised that what these socks would really need to be 100% Strictly fabulous would be a glorious yarn, designed and dyed especially for the purpose.  Luckily, I knew just who to contact, my lovely and talented friend, Sam of Betsy Makes.

Sam came up with the glorious and completely apt 'Limoncello' yarn, honouring Ali's love of yellow with a beautiful sunshine shade, lighter areas blended beautifully with darker tints thrown in, all on her 'Strictly base' with a touch of golden stellina.  

 I'll be calling these ones the 'Cha Cha Chevron Socks'.  We needed a suitably Strictly themed name and after struggling to come up with something appropriate I asked my fellow collaborators for their ideas.  Luckily Ali's girls came to the rescue with some brilliant suggestions and the Cha Cha Chevron Socks won the day.  Thanks so much girls!

It was a treat to use this lovely yarn, it shows off the simple chevron lines of the pattern just beautifully and the glint of glitter ball gold is the icing on the cake for me.
A perfect combination for this year's Strictly Sock Along, I hope you will agree.

The three of us have been so excited about this little collaboration and celebration of Strictly, socks and knitting and I hope that you will be too.  We really hope you will want to join in with us.

I'll pop everything you need to get started down below.  You'll find links for the socks pattern, where to buy Sam's beautiful yarn and of course, how to join in with Ali's Strictly Sock Along this year.
(Also, keep your eye's peeled on Ali's upcoming podcasts because there will be a chance to win a copy of the Cha Cha Chevron Socks pattern!)

Oh and one last thing... you don't have to use this pattern and this yarn to join with the Strictly Sock Along by the way, this is just something extra that we had fun putting together and hoped you might enjoy too.

Personally I can't wait to get started!

Sandra Paul

Cha Cha Chevron Sock Pattern
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Betsy Makes

Betsy Makes on Etsy
Shop update featuring more Strictly Limoncello Sock Yarn: 14th September

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: :  STRICTLY SOCK ALONG 2018   : :
hosted by
Ali of Little Drops of Wonderful


How to join the Sock Along
Pop across to Ravelry and find all the information you need to join the Sock Along,  the 'Rules'... creative cheating encouraged ;) and a place to start chatting with others.

You can also watch Ali's latest podcast where she talks about her plans and prizes for the up and coming Sock Along.  (Her time stamp for the Strictly chatter is 37.47)

Remember to keep an eye out for Ali's up and coming podcasts too!

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  1. It’s beautiful!! I can’t knit but it’s on my wishlist.. But there is also a husband, four kids, job and house to take care for. :-) So some day... But I love it!!

  2. I feel I need to mention here too just how much I love these! Not a Strictly fan, but certainly will be joining in!