Podcast Episode 53

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Yay! I'm so excited to announce that Black Sheep Wools have launched a Cherry Heart Boutique on their website, selling lots of Cherry Heart themed goodies, including yarn packs for my popular blankets.  You'll also find my Stylecraft pattern and my very own colour All Stars Head over Heels Yarn.

I hope you'll check it out and I've love to know what you think!

Black Sheep Wools


Little Drops of Wonderful Strictly Sock Along

Cha Cha Chevron Sock Pattern
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Tutti Frutti Linden Bee

(Pattern coming soon)

Yarn by Hill View Moments

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My Strictly Sock Along Socks

Ravelry Page

The Boy Who Lived Socks

Ravelry Page

Pattern now available: Lightning Strike Socks

Sort of 'Boxy'?

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Linden Bee Shawl
Ravelry Page

Pattern coming Soon...

Pick N Mix Socks

Pattern coming soon...


None this week!

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  1. Well done for the Cherry Heart Boutique online! So exciting! Your new shawl in pin with tassels ios very elegant and pretty!

    1. I'm glad you understood my message with strange typos!!
      It should read: "Your new shawl in PINK with tassels IS very elegant! I must double check before sending my comment off! I think it's great having your own boutique on a yarn site and with your lovely patterns too! :)