Yarn News for Autumn

L to R: Magnesium, Gallium, Titanium 

Another thing that I need to catch up on now that I'm back, is filling you in on yarn news.  That's pretty much the most important thing isn't it really?

Before the holiday, I had another wonderful opportunity to meet up with my fellow Blogstars at Stylecraft HQ and enjoy a good few hours of indulgent yarny chatter.  Not a bad way to spend an afternoon I'm sure you'll agree.

As usual our kind and generous hosts at Stylecraft made us feel most at home and shared all the latest news on the up and coming trends for the coming season and what that means for yarn lovers!

It turns out that here in the Northern hemisphere at least, our Autumn and Winter will be inspired by 'Spice Markets' (jewel tones), 'Delicate Dreams' (muted pastels with a hint of grey), or possibly 'Colliding Bohemia' (subtle brights) with lots of oversized jumpers, ruching, pleating and tucking in a stylish, yet 80's ish way with maybe a bit of boho chic thrown in.  Well, don't say I didn't warn you!

Actually I jest, because some of the pictures looked really promising and what's even more interesting (to me at least) is how that translates into yarny goodness, so I thought I'd share a few of the things that caught my eye....

First of all, at the top there, are three new colour additions to the Batik Elements range.  The Batik DK yarn was new a couple fo years ago and it's a cracking yarn to use.  Great for crochet too, which I love it for.  These new colours for the variegated Elements range are so pretty I think, especially 'Galium', ooh I love that one!  Need to think of something to make in that.

Clockwise from bottom left: Ossie (Mine), Woldgate (Helen's), (Splash) Zelna's, Red Pots (Lucy's) and (Saltaire) Phil's.

Next up is something rather exciting for me, and that's a brand new range of Head Over Heels 'All Stars' colours, all designed by us little ol' Blogstars and voted for by the Stylecraft loving public.  These colours were all inspired by our trip to the David Hockney exhibition at Salts Mill last year.  Each of us came up with a selection of colours, each of us influenced by a different painting or artwork we'd seen at the exhibit.  It was great fun to do and to my absolute surprise, mine was one of the winning combinations.

I was inspired by his Weather Series, most especially by Sun (top left), although the actual yarn turned out rather more like Mist (top right), but I liked that one too, so that's ok.  The other winners were Phil of The Twisted Yarn, Helen of Josie Kitten, Lucy of Attic 24, Zelna of Zooty Owl and Julia of Hand Knitted Things and although her yarn (Pool) isn't pictured here as it wasn't quite ready in time for samples.  It's an absolute beauty though, you can see it here.

Strawberry Moon

L to R: Underwater Rainbow, Forest Glade

Then there was something slightly more unusual, a 'colour pooling' yarn.  You may remembering seeing this craze around everywhere a couple of years ago... I think it's based on the idea of getting yarn pooling working to your advantage, by creating ordered patterns from the seeming random.

I didn't ever try it at the time but we got a quick crash course during our visit this time and although it takes a little jiggery pokery to get things working at first, once the ground work is done, things flow along quite nicely.  Stylecraft have come up with this yarn specially designed for the job and it comes in nice large sized balls, perfect for homewares.

The other thing that caught my eye this time around is these two new Cabaret colours.  It's not been a yarn that's turned my head before because I hadn't really ever known quite what I'd use it for but we saw some shawl samples in these two colours and they are ever so pretty.

Lastly, I'll leave you with something non yarny, but still rather wonderful.
The view we had while eating breakfast at the hotel...  Not too shabby is it?

S x





  1. Hey Miss Cherryheart. Great post. Do you know of any Stylecraft yarn that knits up like faux Fair Isle? Would any of the above do?I know of another brand that does it but not too keen on colourways.

  2. Hi Sandra,
    What a beautiful yarns. I'm so jealous you get to see them so soon haha. Love all the colours. Love the colorpooling. Something I really want to try sometime.
    Have a nice evening.

    Sweet greetings,

  3. More temptation! Lovely post, thank you x

  4. I'm back to knitting socks. It's that time of year to get started for the dreaded Christmas time. Oh I don't like even thinking it. I enjoy that time of year but I feel the pressure and that I don't like. Thanks for sharing your score of yarn.

  5. So much yarny goodness! All so gorgeous!