Autumn Thoughts...

I never used to be much of a one for Autumn.

I used to like summer as a child, cos it was nice and warm and you got to do cool stuff, like get the paddling pool out and go on holiday to the beach.  Then when I was older, I really loved spring.  I love the pretty blossoms on the trees and how nature is waking up and coming to life again.  It's a time of newness and freshness and everything is full of potential.  That's still my favourite time.

I always used to view Autumn as an extension of the winter.  Despite the actual temperature, it nearly always feels cold, just because it's always getting colder than it was before, so relativity speaking it's freezing!  I also used to view it as sad time, like all the fun is over now and everything is being dismantled and packed away ready for the long, dark, dirge of winter.

Back then, seeing those lovely golden wheat fields once harvested, ploughed and turned dull brown felt like the first death knell, signalling the coming end of the joy of summer.  (I was obviously a melodramatic child.)  And I never could get on board with autumn clothes either.  They were full of people wearing big chunky, warm looking scarves, but over a flimsy blouse.  Or nice warm corduroy skirts, that left bare knees showing (and shivering).

: :

But that was then!  Now I feel completely differently about autumn.

I fell in love with it's charms last year.  Maybe it started before that, I can't be sure, but last year I fell for it hard.  We had a wonderful autumn, it was practically perfect as I recall it.  There was a slow, gentle decent from summer heat to winter cool.  The changes came gradually enough to been seen and enjoyed.  The turning of the leaves, ripening of the berries, fattening and falling of the nuts. I looked for and enjoyed seeing them all.

I think, you know, that's the key to it all.  I fell for it all, because I saw it, I was out in it.

There was quite a long time in my younger life, before I was a Mummy, when my world was quite an indoor world.  My days would start inside a warm house, I would dash from there to a warm (or soon to be warm) car and then dash to the warm office.  Only to repeat the same thing in reverse on the way home.  It was just how life was then, and although I had weekends, they were often spent doing other things.  If I'm honest, getting out and about in nature wasn't especially high on my priority list.

That's changed now too.
Having a small person obviously changed my life completely for a start but the real clincher for forcing me outside was the dog.  I'd go out and about with my baby girl most days when she was a tot, but generally she would be in something with wheels.

With the dog though, I go into nature.  I'm very lucky that way, I have fields and trees with pathways and trails just the end of my road.  He loves scampering about freely, and I get to really be outside.  The kind of outside where you can see the seasons as they go by and I love that!

Being out in amongst those rich colours, seeing the animals busy preparing for the cold to come.  Feeling the breeze on my face, smelling the dark dirt after the rain, feeling the smooth skin of a chestnut in my hand.  This is what has won me over to autumn.

After the hot summer this year I really appreciated the fresher days and have also been enjoying the gorgeous golden light of autumn.  There's even been days where it's been warm enough to sit outside and crochet for a while.

Dressing for autumn is still an issue if you ask me, but it's the season of layers isn't it?  You can wake up in autumn feeling quite chilly, be baking by lunch time and then start to freeze in the evening.  Lucky this is where the crafting side really helps.  It is the perfect season for socks, shawls, mitts, blankets and all those good woolly things.

If there was ever anything designed to endear me to a season, it's one that gives me every excuse to make yet another [insert project here] to 'keep me warm'!

S x




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  1. You're so right about seeing more when you're walking a dog. I love crunching through the leaves and picking up conkers (don't tell anyone but I think I'm a bit obsessed with them!). Autumn is definitely my favourite season..... colourful walks, bright, crisp mornings, cosy, dark evenings and woolly accessories...lovely!

    1. I know exactly what you mean about conkers, they are just so irresistible aren't they? I did always love those about autumn! ;)

      S x

  2. I love your post today. Seeing how you grew to love Autumn is wonderful. I love the fall. Though here in Michigan, we rarely get the gradual temps into winter. If fact we have gone from 80's to 40's in the same week. But I do love seeing the changing leaves and the squirrels scampering around collecting nuts and fading berries. And it is definitely a time to get some knitting and cricketing in. A few days ago I pulled out my Spicier Life blanket and worked on it the last few days. I am determined to get it finished this year, even though the ends still give me much frustration. I am hoping the border will hide all of my imperfections. Enjoy your Autumn :)

  3. What a lovely post. I relish any season the older I get. Bring them on, I say!

  4. I do love autumn... and summer... and spring... and summer. I think I like seasons! Just not muddy late winter. Yuk. I'm really missing our daily walks along the lanes taking Patch to school, such a lovely way to actually feel the seasons changing. A car journey just isn't the same!