Podcast Episode 55

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Frosted Sugar Plum Shawl                             Linden Bee Shawl      

Find both yarn kits/patterns on the Hill View Farm stand

Country Living Fair
7th -11th November 2018
London Business Design Centre, Islington

Or, if you can't visit the fair, buy the pattern download online using the links below:

Frosted Sugar Plum Shawl

Linden Bee Shawl

: :

: :  DOING   : :

Weaving (Cowl to be!)

Ravelry Page

Blog post about weaving and showing sewing/cutting hand woven fabric on Schacht Spindle Co

Pumpkin Socks

Ravelry Page

Ziggy in Autumn

Ravelry Page

Sort of 'Boxy'?

: :   PIPs   : :
(Patterns in Progress)

Frosted Sugar Plum Shawl - See above!
Pattern details and download link

Pick N Mix Socks

Pattern coming soon...

Pattern out Now:  Pick n Mix Socks


Aegean Sea by Betsy Makes

S x




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  1. Thank you for the weaving link :) your woven cloth is just lovely Sandra...

  2. Thank you so much! And you are very welcome, it's nice to find a blog about weaving isn't it :)

  3. LOVE your woven piece Sandra I want me a loom now (closes eyes to half finished other projects) :-) Ziggy colours are awesome so beautiful x