Chunky Monkey...

My love affair with Autumn is continuing.  The light is getting less and less now, but on the good days, when the sun shines, we are getting a beautiful golden glow.
It makes for some great shots...

No filters here folks, those are straight from the phone.  Complete flukes both of them, but I'll take it!

I admit that I still love kicking up the leaves as I walk and have been dragging my family out to enjoy the autumn experience too.  They like it once they are out there.  Bertie even got himself a pair of 'autumn fairy wings' the other day! 

That wasn't what I came here to talk about though.  I was actually going to share a very quickie little hat project I whipped up recently.  Stylecraft gave us some of their Special XL Super Chunky last time we were up there and I thought I might give it a try.

I wasn't expecting to like it to be honest.  I've never been especially attracted to the really chunky yarns, even though the speed of projects really does appeal!  But, to my surprise I did like this stuff a lot.

As anticipated, yarn this fat does work up incredibly quickly and that's always a huge plus.  But I really liked the feel of it too.  It was nice and soft to work with and made a lovely plump and warm fabric.  As I only had one ball I decided to make a hat and although the finished article is not for me, (I don't look great in hats at the best of times and the bulkiness made things look even worse) I really did love the squishiness and look of it as I was hooking away.

It actually made me yearn to make a big snuggly cardigan or jumper in this stuff.  It'd be so cozy to wear on winters evenings and can you imagine how quick it'd work up?  Ooh, now that is an exciting thought...

In the meantime though, I've gifted the hat to my Little Miss.  
These cute little people can pull off such things effortlessly!

Update: 21st November 2018
Oops!  I forgot to add the pattern info.  Here it is for you...

Snow Games Hat by Naztazia

S x




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  1. Love the hat (pattern available?), love the snaps, and since recently discovering it, I'm loving Stylecraft Special Chunky - now I'm going to have to give the XL Super Chunky a go. If it's anything like the Chunky, I may never use another brand again - the Chunky doesn't split (currently working a Burgundy flat panel BLO dc with a 5.5mm hook to be sewn closed to form a hat) and is so soft! Definitely going to try the XL super once I get the hats finished (Burgundy, Midnight, and Meadow). Thank-you for the review (and the beautiful autumn snaps:).

    1. Thank you so much! And yes, that's an excellent point, I completely forgot to include the pattern info didn't I? I'll go and edit the post, but in the meantime, it's the 'Snow Games Hat' by Naztazia. It sounds similar to what you are doing actually.

      Sandra x

    2. Thank-you - now downloaded:)

  2. Que bonito y calentito!! preciosas fotografías, besos

  3. Lovely hat and your daughter shows it off very nicely. I am sure you do look just as good in a hat, but just self conscious. Up until a few years ago I felt that way until the cold drove me to make a hat. Now I love them and wear them a lot. In fact I was going to ask if you would consider designing hats as I know you would do a good job. I tend to use a dk weight though, like you I am not automatically drawn to chunky, too quick to crochet! Looks and feels nice and squidgy and warm though.

    I really enjoyed your latest podcast, and thought the woven cowl looks stunning on you. The brighter colours next to your face look beautiful - definitely your colour. I am so looking forward to seeing all the things mentioned, the battenburg blanket, the zig zaggy scarf (hoping there will be a pattern for that) and the jumper you are making. I find all the garments people are crocheting now very exciting. I can honestly say that many of them look nicer to my aesthetic than knitted ones. You are so clever doing all these things! Thanks for sharing them all with us.

    Finally, I really do love your podcasts so I do hope there might be a possibility of some vlogmas videos.


    1. Thank you so much, you are lovely! It's never occurred to me to design a hat... I suppose because it's something I don't make too much myself. Could be worth a go though, I might actually get one that works on me! ;)

      So happy that you are enjoying the podcasts, thank you! I do fancy doing a bit of vlogmas actually, although I'm not sure how good I'll be, I always feel like I didn't really do much that would be of interest! Ha ha, I might well have a try though...

      Sandra x

  4. Looks so snug... I do like a quick make, particularly at this time of year!

  5. Hi Sandra,
    Your photos are just beautiful. Love the wings. hahaha. amazing.
    The hat looks so cut on your little miss.
    Have a nice weekend.

    Sweet greetings,