Pick n Mix Socks and a Sale!

Hooray, hooray, it's a pattern release day!

Ever since I made the 'My First Socks' pattern, I've been thinking about making a sequel.  My Second Socks was the obvious original plan, a sort of 'moving onto the next stage' sock, with sizes this time and different techniques.

As I've been making more and more socks and talking about them on my podcast though, I find myself talking about the cuffs, heels or toes that I tend to come back to again and again.  Sometimes I use these favourites regardless of the pattern I'm following too and that got me thinking about releasing my version of a 'vanilla' sock pattern.  (Vanilla meaning a plain and simple stocking stitch sock, in case you're not familiar.)  

Most sock knitters tend to develop their own version of this pattern over time, as they find the elements of the sock they most like to knit or which fit their feet the best.  As a consequence, there are an awful lot of those types of patterns out there.

So then I thought, wouldn't it be cool to have a pattern which works the same way a lot of knitters do when they make their socks?  Where you can choose to make a plain or simple patterned sock but then you pick the cuff you like best, insert the heel you fancy trying and finish of with that toe which fits you just right.  Wouldn't that be cool?

I thought it would be anyway, so that's what I've done!

I've called it "Pick n Mix" socks but actually it really does remind me of those 'Choose Your Own Adventure' books that I used to read as a child, where you start the story and then get to choose what happens at different points along the way.

With my pattern there are 4 main choices you can make, and there are 3 options each time.  I've included a photo sample for each option, as well as made up socks, so you'll know what look you want to go for.  You can choose any of the options and the sock pattern will still work out.

Here's how it goes...

This is a top down pattern, so we start by choosing a cuff and knitting that.  Then you need to decide what type of patterning you'd like on the sock itself.  I've included a plain option, so that you can take the vanilla route if you like, but I've added some very simple pattern options too, to mix things up and add a little interest.

Once you've knit the leg, it's time to choose the heel.  Again, there are 3 options, 1 short row heel and 2 flap and gusset options.  I've also included an option for taking the slip stitching under the heel, as that's something I love to do lately. 

Once the heel is out of the way, you can return to the main sock pattern you used on the leg to work the foot, then it's just a case of picking a toe to finish!  Easy Peasy.

Then next time you knit a pair of socks you can use a whole different set of options and make something that looks completely different.  

Technically if you wanted to knit every single permutation possible (including the different heel and flap options) you'd end up with 135 pairs of socks!  Wow, I guess that'd keep you going for a while.

Whilst no-one is ever going to do that,  I really love the idea of this pattern being a kind of 'go to' reference point for sock knitters and I think it's a really fab next step for those starting out in the world of sock making.  Not only can you use this pattern on it's own to make plenty of different socks, it will be a great resource to refer to when you want to add a different cuff, heel or toe to another pattern.

: :   PICK N MIX SOCKS   : :

by Sandra Paul

Pick n Mix Socks Pattern

I really hope you like the pattern!

S x




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  1. Hi Sandra,

    Ahhhhhhhhhh. yeah. I'm definitely will be purchasing some of your patterns. Need to work first but tonight I will be scoring some of your patterns. :-D.
    Have a great weekend.

    Sweet greetings,

  2. What a fantastic idea Sandra! I've just bought the pattern, as I'm on my way to finishing my first pair of socks, made with the Winwick Mum pattern. It will be great to try out different options when I make my second pair! xx

  3. Oh Sandra, you're such a clever little sausage! I am utterly in awe of your amazing knitting ability. I truly suck! Why do socks scare me so much? Actually, why does ANYTHING knitted scare me so much. I should just get over my fear and practice, then I might not suck so much! I think it's actually the rate at which knitting grows that puts me off so much. I keep thinking that socks would be good as they are small, but you need a heel....and you need a toe......and you need a circular needle thingy (god forbid I'd use those pointy ones!) Crikey, do you think there is knitting hope for me?!!!!! One day....one day I might crack it. Until then i'll just lust over your gorgeous creations and handiwork! xxxx

  4. Love this idea so... once I have the (few) current socks off the needles I am going to have fun with this. Yay!

  5. Beautiful socks. I love wearing socks, I feel comfortable.