Podcast Episode 60

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Show Notes


(including links for more bullet journal info)

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: :   DONE   : :

Santa's Stripy Socks

Ravelry Page

Vintage Ornaments Mitts

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: :   DOING   : :

Weekender Jumper

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: :   PIP's   : :
Patterns In Progress

Getting Ziggy Squared ²
(Unicorn blanket)

Coming January...

Ziggy Interrupted

Coming January...

: :  GOODIES   : :

Sugar Rush colour on Pavlova base by Martushka Yarns
from lovely Emilia

Goodies From Poland...

S x




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  1. Hi Sandra,
    I always enjoy watching your podcasts. I am watching podcasts while making a blanket for my parents with your pattern. Thank you for showing your bullet journal, I really need to start mine since it's already 11th of January. Hahaha. Lovely goodies you got.
    Have a nice weekend.

    Sweet greetings,

  2. Hi Sandra,
    forgive me my english, but i dont use it very often :) My name is Eva, i'm from Poland, and i'm owner of WOOLniej.pl - shop with 100% wool. My Tatrawool is very specific local product. In polish we say that wool is biting :) I dont know how to say in english... so i will use "biting"
    So... my wool is biting hard :) It is hard wool, but it isn't wrong... I tell you something about this wool... It has very healthy properties... Old Highlanders in Tatra Moutain use it for joints ache, spine ache or legs pain, you just need to wear socks or sweater for just even half hour, you can wear it all day, but if you dont like this woolly biting, it will be few minutes enough. And it helps...
    Few days ago, one lady wrote to me, that her friend after chemotherapy had horible legs pain - joints and bones ache, and nothing helps her... than she make for her friend leggins - legs warmers from this wool, and it helped that lady a lot...
    Other old Highlander woomen told me that she always wear after the bath for 15 minutes waistcoat in the evening when she has spine ache after hard work all day...
    Another lady told me that she has allergy for every wool she's knitting, but not mine. She can knitting and she can wear it... so... now you know what it is.
    I always advise to make something like slippers or socks or something for home, it doesn't have to be shawl :)
    Maby i'll make some day english version of my site www.woolniej.pl and than you can read more abot Tatrawool :) It is worth :)
    Best wishes...

    PS. You have great podcast, now when i found you i'm going to drop by sometimes :)

    1. Hi Eva,

      It's lovely to hear from you and thank you so much for telling me some more about this gorgeous yarn. It's funny that you say that the yarn is biting, we also have an expression here where we say the yarn 'has teeth'.
      It's amazing to hear what you are saying about the benefits of wearing the yarn. I was originally thinking I could use the yarn to make a beautiful bag of some kind, but now I'm wondering if I ought to use it for something that I could wear instead. I'm sure I could manage some socks.

      Anyway, the yarn is truly beautiful and I'll look forward to using it in a special project. Thanks so much for coming over to check my podcast out too. ❤️

      Sandra x