Podcast Episode 63

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"How Many Socks" Giveaway

Winners are announced in the podcast... Yay!
Drop me a line if you are a lucky winner and I'll arrange for the prizes to be sent to you...

Thanks to Jenn Sheelen for the lovely prizes!

"What are you Crocheting Now?" Giveaway

A copy of Crochet Now, Issue 38
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: :   DONE   : :

Totally Tubular Socks
Project Page

Industrial Waffle Socks
Project Page

Jean Jeanie 
Project Page

Slinky Malinky, and the Red Tentacle Scarf
Project Page

: :   DOING   : :

Sole Mate Socks
Project Page

: :   PIP's   : :
Patterns In Progress

Getting Ziggy Squared ²
(Unicorn blanket)

Ziggy Interrupted

Coming Feb/March...

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Thank you toLaurenne Gomez for our first question...

"When I wind my hanks into cakes - do I leave them in the hank or wind straight away? - Why?"

Time stamp for the podcast answer: 45:32

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  1. Really like the tentacular scarf (it's a word I made up once to describe a tentacle pendant I'd made :D ), might it be a future pattern? Maybe? One day?

  2. Your new blue cardigan looks so lovely on you; it really suits you very much. I love both your red scarves but I do love dangles too, so that is my favourite - you are putting art into the craft and it really is not weird at all, just pretty and rather flowy, organic and altogether rather nice.

    I hope you will just go with the flow with your heart socks, all the colours are going to look good together, whichever you go for and in whatever combinations.

    I always look forward to your podcasts, it is so nice that you always show up and have lovely things to share and a good natter as well. Happy to to see little Bertie today too. Well done for your new magazine column, you work so hard at the things you do and are very modest about your bountiful talents and never pushy or boastful. It is good to see that rewarded. It's sad how many podcasts have stopped or wound down or just pop up whenever if ever - same as blogs I suppose. it's just really nice to have some constancy and reliability. I know the social media is all a lot of work on top of the lovely crochet you do but I am very appreciative that you share with us all. Thank you!

  3. Hi Sandra,
    Amazing you got a colomn in the Crochet now magazine. Congratulations. I love the red scarves, the colour is so lovely. It's really nice you are doing another give away. It's really hard to get UK magazines to the Netherlands, plus it's just really expensive if you can get it. So i'm really excited about the give-away.
    Have a lovely weekend

    Sweet greetings,

  4. I love watching your podcast, Sandra! That red scarf is beautiful.