Podcast Episode 67

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The latest podcast, in which I prance around in peach, have a brief visit from Stanley the cat and share my latest makes with you...

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Water Clover
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Friendship Socks
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Hint of Sophistication Socks by Jenn Sheelen
Betsy Makes Perfect Friends Sock Set Yarn

Blanket in Progress

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Ophelia by Fondant Fibre (Thank you lovely Lou of FoxyYarn)
Lost Princess by Martushka Yarns

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  1. Loving your podcast as usual. The peachy cardigan looks divinely pretty on you - defo your colour. Glad you got it all to work out in the end as it is so pretty. The things you point out would not be noticed by anyone who doesn't crochet and seem very minimal now you have worked your magic.

    I know you used a different yarn but the directions still seem to be a little odd. With the other top in Pompom magazine, I know Constance from Stitching over the days also had issues with sizing and the suggested hook sizes. Her finished one was too short so she went back in and made it a little longer and less cropped, so I think you are correct about giving yourself more space before doing the arm holes. Your progress on it so far is looking lovely though.

    I do get a bit cross that a high end magazine does not take proper care of basic instructions and typo's - I would imagine the 1.5 hook has to be a typo or someone with an extremely loose gauge (going with typo as I don't think you could even hook the yarn with tit so small) made it and it wasn't tested properly. Not what you pay for......!

    Haven't finished watching podcast yet, but wanted to tell you about Constance's experience with crocheting the Pom Pom top so you could compare notes if you wanted. Everything you make is so nice, it's very inspiring. Thanks for sharing. Going back now to see Stanley!


    1. Thank you so much, you are right too that when we are working on things, we do tend to be up close and worrying about it all, but who else will ever look that closely? Even me, when I'm wearing it! I shall definitely check out Constance's top in that case, as I've frogged some of the length that I had added as I went a bit too made, so I want to find a happy medium. It is quite a cropped style, but I don't think I want mine to be too belly skimming! Thanks for that!!

      Sandra x

  2. All beautiful projects, Sandra. That peachy number is just lovely! So feminine! I also love the tiny granny squares for a new blanket!

  3. Looking forward to this as ever... so far behind. Sigh - work. Good thing I love my job!

  4. Hi Sandra,
    I always look forward to watching a new podcast of yours. It's always so inspiring. I really like your cardigan, but I can see the things you pointed out you didn't like. Still, love the color by the way. You top looks great, love the flower pattern and really like the color.
    Love the colors from your new blanket. And something looked so familiar. The lining from your bag/basket. I have a backpack with the same flower pattern hihi.
    A great podcast as always.
    Have a lovely day and weekend.

    Sweet greetings,

    1. Oh thank you so much! Yes, I think I'm happy with the colour, originally I'd imagined something paler, but this is a beautiful peach. Also really enjoying the flower top, that's a nice one to do.
      It's a lovely flowery one that one isn't it. Can't beat a bit of Cath K! ;)

      S x