Podcast Episode 69

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The latest podcast, in which I prance around in peach, have a brief visit from Stanley the cat and share my latest makes with you...

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Show Notes

: :   DONE   : : 

Ossie Socks
Project Page

Tray Liner
Sewn using scraps from stash

: :   DOING   : :

My 'Not Sure Yet' Project
Using my Herbstblatt Regina Advent 2018 Minis
To be frogged for other things!

Florrie in Jeans

: :   PIP's   : :
Patterns In Progress

My 'Vintage Flowers' Coat Hanger Pattern

Vintage Flowers Coat Hanger Cover Pattern

Wooden Hangers to cover...

Here's the link for the Wooden coat hangers I used

: :

: :   PODMAIL   : :

None this week!  (Back soon)

: :   SOCK REVIEW   : :

Pretty Flower Socks

Made with beautiful 'South Atlantic Silky' yarn from Kathryn at Crafternoon Treats

Close up of under the ball of the toe area, only sign of wear is the beginnings of a slight felting of the stitches.  (That's completely normal for all my socks.)

Close up of under heel, barely any sign of wear yet!

: :

Thanks for watching!

S x




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  1. Hi Sandra,
    I really enjoyed watching your podcast as always. Also really liked the vloggy stuff at the end, stockholm looks amazing. Your minis are gorgeous, but I get it that you didn't like it the way it is now. I'm curious to see what you will do with them.
    Have a lovely day.

    Sweet greetings,

  2. Hello Sandra,
    I’m new to your podcasts/blog and have decided to spend most of the day looking at them all. I am marooned in my sitting room, surrounded by crochet, books, magazines, knitting, with my iPad beside me and the television on standby so I can catch up on missed television programmes. Why? Because there are three workmen in my house changing the boiler and I am surrounded by their noise... why do they have to have a radio on when half the time they’re making so much noise they surely can’t hear it. Why do they have loud conversations? So thank you for providing me with a glorious escape. Oh, and I shall still watch, even when they’ve left, which sadly won’t be until tomorrow afternoon.

  3. Jacqueline S Strand13 June 2019 at 12:48

    Thanks for the podcast. I've missed your posts and I'm glad you are back. I especially love the tray liner you made. All of your makes are lovely and I love that cloud yarn you are knitting a sweater from.

  4. I was wondering if you were going to write up and sell your pattern for the BoHo type bag you recently made?