Honeybee Hexagons!

It started out as something tiny, but my itty bitty little hexagons have grown...

I was never quite sure what these little hexies were going to be, but for some reason I got that urge to play with little scraps of pretty yarn and this is what appeared.

I've decided to make them into a cushion cover.  It's actually going to be a crochet re-creation of this cushion that I made a million years ago and absolutely adored.  It's rather given up the ghost lately though and so this will replace it.  I'm hoping to add a little crochet bee when it's done too.

In the meantime though, you lovely people have been asking me how I made these little hexie's and so I thought I'd oblige and write up the pattern for you.  They are the simplest little things, nothing complicated about them.  But like all adorable and teeny tiny things there is that thing of needing quite a few of them and the ends of course.

Actually I found mine came together quite quickly when I got down to it.  Wimbledon week helped me whiz through it nicely and then of course, I'm only doing half of my cushion cover as hexie's too. That helps!  Although I've already got plans for hexie cushion two....

Still, all this chat isn't getting the pattern to you is it?  So let's do that now.
I've written the pattern up and I've included half hexagons for you to fill in any edges if you want a nice square shape.  You can split a hexie into half in two different ways, depending on where you want them to fit, so I've included both cos I'm nice that way.

I also included a slightly bigger, sort of three quarter hexie shape that you can use to square off the edges.  It works the same way as a half one would, but it's slightly bigger.  I used those on my long straight edge (you can see them in the pic above) and kinda liked the look, so I thought you may do too!

Lastly, but not least-ly, I did some charts too.  These simple little motifs are so quick it's almost easier to just 'see' what to do on the chart than bother to read the instructions I find!  But of course, I've got the written directions too, cos not everyone is a chart lover.

Click to enlarge

You can use whatever yarn and hook you like, but I used 4ply yarn with a 3mm hook.

As for the joining, you can do that however you choose.  Sewing them together is easy and you can get the colour arrangement just right that way.  I joined mine as I went along, using a variation of the method I used for my Battenberg blanket.  It's slightly different for the hexagons, in that you are joining on more sides, but the basic idea is the same.

I don't have a full tutorial for the hexagon version just yet, but you can see the original version I used on the blanket here if you'd like to use that to give it a whirl.  Modular Join (Battenberg Blanket)

Well, I hope that's enough to be going along with!

I do hope you have fun with you little hexie's and I'd love seeing all the creation that you come up with too, so if you'd like to share, I'd love to see...


S x




PS - I'm so sorry but commenting on Blogger has been a bit hit and miss lately.  Please be aware that unless you see 'your comment will be visible after approval' after you press publish, I won't get your lovely message, which is sad.  If you are having trouble, you can leave your comment here instead.


  1. Ooo yay! I love these little hexies. Thank you so much for sharing the patterns, lovely Sandra!

  2. These are just lovely, Sandra. I love the soft colours you've chosen. I shall look forward to seeing the end result. So far, it's looking very good indeed!

  3. what size hook and what weight yarns did you use? Thanks! Love your hexies!

  4. What is the stitch after the hexagons? I really like this pattern. Thank you.

    1. I would love to know how to crochet the other half of the cover too. Its so beautiful! Thank you.

    2. Yes, I would love to know how to do the other half too :-) Thanks Sandra! xx

    3. I guess no one is manning this blog. Too bad!

    4. Or maybe the person manning it is on holiday. That's something bloggers do too.

  5. Обожаю мотивы крючком! Они дают огромный простор для фантазии и огромное множество по их применению в жизни!

  6. Que bonitos quedan, la lana matizada es preciosa!!

  7. Lovely little hexagons. I am not confident about my crochet skills, but knitting? No problem. This is a sweet adorable cover. Great job. :D

  8. I LOVE these colours! Look beautiful

  9. ohhhh this is gorgeous Sandra, i really love it and your colors are stunning

  10. Hi Sandra,
    I totally love this little pattern you made. Love the colors you're using. So so pretty.
    Have a lovely day.

    Sweet greetings,

  11. They are adorable! What amazing stash busting possibilities! Thank you for writing up the pattern and I love a chart!

  12. Thank you so much Sandra! I adore your pillow. I just received an order of some Farmhouse Cotton in pretty muted colors and I am excited to use them for your Honeybee pillow pattern. Thank you for sharing your amazing talents with us! Thanks also for providing the chart.
    I hope you day is going your way! 🌷

  13. Wow, you are a true talent. I love the end result of this pattern that is so colorful, to end it in white.
    Just takes your breath away. I am going to have to make a pillow that yours. INSPIRING.

  14. Everything you make is so adorable! And the association of colors are so nice! Wish I could be as skillful as you are :)! Thank you for sharing all that beauty!

  15. Hi Sandra, I just love your little hexagons. Would you be able to do a video tutorial to go with your pattern for we beginners?
    Thank you, cheers Jenny