Nature's Walk CAL, Getting Ready...

24th September - 12th November

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Goodness me, I must say I didn't expect such a kind and wonderful reception to this new blanket CAL, thank you all so, so much!  You have no idea what it means to me and it's so appreciated.


As you'll know by now I'm sure, we won't start work on the blanket itself until the first pattern part comes out next week, but I thought it might be nice to pass the time while we wait for the start with a little CAL preparation and everyone's favourite thing.... swatching!  So, I've prepared an extra little pdf for you to download and have a look at this week.

I'll pop all the links you need at the end of this post and the Nature's Walk CAL page for you.


🍂 Getting Started 🌿

In the pdf, you'll find a sample square pattern in here to use for your swatch, the 'Heart' square, and I've also included a chart for the 'Heart' square for budding chart enthusiasts.

As with any yarn pack, it's important to get the right gauge for your project to ensure you have enough yarn to complete the project.  Of course we have included some extra yardage in our packs to account for any small margins of error, but differences in gauge can have quite an impact on a project of this size, so that's why swatching is such an essential part of the process.

 So as well as the swatch pattern, I've included lots of practical information in this pdf about measuring your gauge, advice for each of the yarns in the packs, how to correct any problems you run into and last but not least, the all important information on blocking.

🍂 Charts 🌿

We wanted to add something a little extra that we haven't done before, so this time you'll find a chart for each of the squares in the blanket.  I'm a big fan of crochet charts and they are a brilliant visual interpretation of the crochet you want to create.

If charts aren't your forte at the moment or if you've ever wanted to unravel the mysteries of these cryptic looking diagrams, then this might be a good time to try.  I've made a couple of short video tutorials for you to help you.  One which introduces some of the basic elements of working from a chart, and a second which will guide you through the Heart square using the chart.

🍂 Colour Play 🌿

As with our previous crochet along's, we have some gorgeous yarn packs for you to choose from.  And if you haven't got yours yet, do pop along to Black Sheep Wools and take a look:  Nature's Walk Yarn Packs.

But we also want everyone to be welcome and so we also like to encourage those of you who would like to choose your own yarn, or take to your stashes to join in too.

Which ever option you are going for, now is a good time to get your colours sorted out.  The Nature's Walk colour chart clearly shows each of the yarn's (A, B, C, etc) with each of the yarn pack options so you know what colour you'll be using where.  And I've also included a 'custom colours' option, so you make a note of and arrange your own colour selections too.

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We hope you'll find it all very helpful and I'll look forward to seeing how you get on with your swatches and colour selections in our CAL threads online...


Download the 'Getting Started' pdf

Getting started with charts - Part 1
A video tutorial, showing some chart basics

Getting started with charts video - Part 2
A video tutorial, working along with the Heart square

Yarn Packs at Black Sheep Wools



Crochet Along with Black Sheep Wools


Nature's Walk CAL Thread


Pattern Corrections

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure this pattern is error free, mistakes can slip through.  To check for any pattern corrections, or report a problem, please go to the ‘Errata’ section of the Nature’s Walk Page.


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