Pine cone cloth & puffs

I'm attempting to bring a little crochet happiness into your everyday routine today!

Not just by sitting and hooking this time, although that's obviously always good.  But by making these very simple mini projects that you can use in your home too.

I started out intending to make a dishcloth using cotton scraps I had in stash.  I'd made a couple of lovely knitted ones, but as usual it was only a few moments before I wanted a quicker crochet alternative.  I came up with this lovely stitch that gives the cloth fantastic texture.  It reminds me of pine cones for some reason, so that's the name I decided to go with!

It wasn't long after those experiments that I received some the lovely mini Ricorumi balls from Black Sheep Wools (thank you ladies) and tried the pattern out with those.  I was aiming for a nice 'hand' sized cloth to hold and I found I could get the size I wanted comfortably with these small 25g balls.  

I also had a little left over so I whipped up some face puffs too.  I don't know about you, but I tend to get through these quite a bit, so having a re-useable version is a real plus!  I found that I could get at least 3 puffs from my remaining yarn.

That's when I realised that what I had thought of as my 'dish' cloth would actually work sooo well as a 'face' cloth and then it could team up with these puffs to make a pretty little bathroom set.  And, as much as you probably won't appreciate me mentioning... urm, you know... Christmas (sorry!) I'm thinking that adding a nice little hand made soap to the mix would make such a sweet little gift.

I do like the idea of making use of stash though, so I think what I shall do is use this lovely Ricorumi yarn for my pressies this year and to make some nice co-ordinated bathroom additions for me and then use up some of my more mismatched stash scraps for dish cloths for the kitchen.

Some of you on Instagram kindly mentioned you would like to do something similar and were interested in a pattern, so I got everything in order and written up ready to go for you.

The written directions for this one are as simple as can be, so it's mostly a nice easy pattern...  The only thing is it does have some intermediate stitches which wouldn't usually be in an 'easy' pattern, so I've included some photo tutorials for those.  That way I hope this will be a pattern most people will be able to do, even if you haven't been crocheting too long!

: :   P I N E   C O N E   AND   P U F F S   : :

by Sandra Paul

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  1. I’m curious about why you have an extra cold water tap handle ? I noticed it in the photo at top when I was printing my purchased pattern. It amuses me to find other people have random stuff too.

    1. Ha ha! They are from the taps that were here when we first moved into the house.... I loved the old fashioned look of them, but the taps were very corroded, so I just salvaged the tops and now just use them for decoration. I like the idea of leaving small tokens around of the house as it used to be. :)

      Sandra x

  2. Such a wonderful low waste idea! They look lovely too!

  3. The colors you chose for these babies are just amazing! The pattern - divine!

  4. I have been searching for a small gift to make for my sister for Christmas. A set of these will be perfect! I have ordered the pattern and can't wait to get started.