Presents are coming!

I've got something rather fun planned for December and it means some presents for you lovely lot!

I'm calling it Cherry Heart's Christmas Presents and the idea is I'll be giving you some lovely discounts and offers on a few new patterns that I'll have coming out over December.

There are going to be 6 different offers available in the lead up to Christmas.  Some of the offers will mean a nice discount on the normal pattern price, some will mean the pattern will be free for a limited time and some will just be completely free!

Each one will only be around for a short while, a few days a most probably so I wanted to let you know now, so you can be ready to dive in a get the goodies in time if you happen to see something you like.  So have a look at my mini 'advent' calendar because those are the dates to look out for.

On each of those 6 days, a door will open and you'll be able to see what pattern I have for you inside!

I'm not going to spoil any surprises by talking about exactly what's coming up but I'll have a mix of things, some of which might make good gifts as well as being something you can enjoy for yourself.

I hope you find something to enjoy!

S x




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  1. your patterns are lovely...looking forward to these Christmas treats.. thank you Susan from Maple Ridge British Columbia Canada

  2. Hi Sandra,
    I love your patterns so I can't wait for these to get released.
    Have a lovely evening.

    Sweet greetings,

  3. thank you for this wonderful promotion. i am anxious to see which patterns you feature. crossing my fingers some are ones in my wishlist!