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Welcome back and a Happy New Year to you all!

I hope all of you that had Christmas or a holiday to enjoy have had a lovely time these past few weeks.  It's been a fun break for us.  Full of hosting, visiting, family and celebrating, but with some quieter days too.  Now that DD is a teen it feels that our Christmas is starting evolve and a new stage seems to be forming which is interesting to see.  Some things were a little different this year and hopefully some will become new traditions to enjoy.

Anyway, I'm back with rather a bang I guess as I have something to share with you all straight away.

You might well remember my Nature's Walk Blanket CAL which I had running in the autumn of last year.  (Not least because I did keep harping on about it!)  And although the official part of the CAL finished back in November, I'm very glad to say that things didn't just stop there and that lots of you continued working on your blankets well into December and beyond.

Indeed with this New Year upon us now, it seems to have brought a new flurry of Nature's Walk activity with lots of people making the most of the quieter month of January to make a start on brand new projects.


With that in mind, it seems like the perfect time to release the 6 extra bonus squares that originally were exclusively available only with a purchase of one of the three lovely yarn packs from Black Sheep Wools.

So now there will be two ways in which you can get the Bonus Squares...

Yarn Packs
I'm glad to say that the Nature's Walk yarn packs are still available from Black Sheep Wools and if you wanted to opt for one of those, then you will still receive the 6 bonus squares completely free with your purchase.

So if you are interested in using one of the three Nature's Walk colourways for your blanket, then please do have a look at and use the picture links below to get your pack.




Digital Download
If you didn't want to use a pack, but would still really like to have the patterns for those 6 bonus squares to add into the free blanket pattern than I'm pleased to say, that I can now offer those for sale as a separate digital download.

I know many of you have be waiting for these to become available and so it's great to be able to share those now!

Nature's Walk Bonus Squares

(You'll also need a copy of the free pattern linked below)

Free Pattern
Of course, you don't have to buy a yarn pack, or the bonus squares to enjoy the Nature's Walk blanket.  The completely free 'standard' version of the blanket is still available for anyone to enjoy.

To find more details and download the pattern, visit the Nature's Walk Page.

Joining In
There are also still plenty of ways to join the Nature's Walk community of makers and share your blanket projects:

Nature's Walk CAL thread

Crochet Along with Black Sheep Wools group

Tag your pictures:


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