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My goodness, I haven't been on Blogger for a few weeks, but it seems to have had a bit of a visual make-over since I was last here.  I'd noticed some changes, but now the post writing bit has all changed too.  Mostly cosmetic I think but things have moved and I'm easily confused!

Anyway, I didn't come here to talk about Blogger, I'm actually here to tell you about my latest pattern for a cute little motif that I recreated based on a vintage shawl.

Sunbeam Square
Pattern links:  Ravelry |  Love Crafts

I've told this story on my podcast, but I don't think that I've mentioned here that this shawl came to me via my Nan, who after moving into a home last year, was having a bit of a clear out.  She had a whole selection of doilies, crocheted and embroidered pieces set aside, and as the known 'vintage and crafty things' lover of the family, that she though I might appreciate.  Which of course, I did.

Many of the doilies, some of them vintage and some made by my Nan, found their way into a table cloth that I talked about here.  But there was also a fluffy shawl which I'd never seem before, so I'm pretty sure it was a gift rather than something she made herself.  Which although definitely featuring crochet, seemed to be constructed in a different way.  Possibly something like broomstick crochet, or a hairpin lace style of work, although neither seem to quite fit the bill.  

Either way, I really loved the motif and although I couldn't possibly recreate the original technique used, whatever it was, I though I could probably make a very similar motif with the regular crochet stitches I do know.  And so, the sunbeam motif came to life. 

I wasn't quite sure how I was going to use it at straight away.  My first thought was to make a beautiful big  blanket's worth of them, but I had just finished this blanket at the time and yet another lacy white blanket seemed hard to justify.  So I decided to opt for something smaller and replace the wooden blind in my kitchen with a decorative piece, made up of these motifs.

I decided to arrange my squares 'on point' and joined them using join as you go, so in the pattern you'll find the instructions for the block of course, but also some directions for modifying the square for JAYG.  I've also included help to show you how to layout and arrange the squares to make a little window curtain/valance or decorative panel like I did.  But of course, you could join and use these squares however you like.  I've also included crochet charts too, because I love a chart.

Sunbeam Square Motif
by Sandra Paul

Pattern Links:  Ravelry | Love Crafts

I do hope you enjoy the pattern and I look forward to seeing all the inventive ways you use it!


S x





  1. Shouldn't the stitch count at the end of round 3 be 40 and not 21?

    1. For the whole squares, yes it should. That's what I'm seeing on my pdfs too though... it's showing correctly. It's only the half squares that are showing a stitch count of 21 as far as I can see. Unless I'm being daft and missing something?

  2. Oh. You are right - I didn't realize that's what I was looking at - thanks & sorry.

  3. Oh, I love this! And it's come at just the right time. I've been looking at various ideas for a window covering that still lets in plenty of light. Just bought it, thank you!