Lightning Strike Socks

Lightning Strike Socks | Yarn: Third Vault Yarns, Companion 4ply in 'Lake Silence'

I had the sudden urge a week or so ago to make socks.

I think working on the vastness of my Comfort Stripe granny blanket was getting to me and I needed something small and quick as a kind of relief from it.  In the end I bashed out quite a few pair of socks, but I'll get to the other ones later.  The ones I'm talking about today fall into that familiar category of an old project that I meant to turn into a pattern at the time, but didn't get around too!

As chance would have it, my lovely friend Clarissabeth of the Crochetcakes Podcast asked me about it, and her timing was perfect.  So I decided I would write up the pattern, and check out all the details with some testing and a new pair of socks.

Both of the yarns I choose for this were a joy to knit with as well as being absolutely beautiful.  The pair I made two years ago, using Easy Knits yarn in grey has worn so well and has a lovely soft but reassuring smooth a firm feel, which makes it a favourite for socks.  By chance, the Third Vault Yarn in blues and greens that I choose this time has a very similar feel to it, so I think that will bode well for it's life as a pair of socks.  It's nice to have a yarn that isn't too busy for this pattern as it's more of a textural one.

Lightning Strike Socks | Yarn: Easy Knits, Deeply Wicked in 'Wreck'

Anyway, on to the pattern itself, the lightning strike design is a simple zig zagging design running along the leg and foot of the sock.  It runs down the outer side and I've made the design a mirror image, so there is a right and left 'footed-ness' to them, which pleases me immensely.  (It's the small things!)  

I've also changed the heel flap slightly and added a slightly different design which I also like.  You can see it on the blue socks, and that's what is written into the pattern you get, should you wish to give it a whirl!

: :   L I G H T N I N G   S T R I K E   S O C K S  : :
Sandra Paul

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