A Christmas Dachshund

Last year I made this cute little doggie after seeing an adorable picture by Belle and Grace on Instagram.  She'd used a Stip & Haak pattern as a basis for the dachshund and modified it to add a tree on top.  So adorable.  Obviously, I had to do the same!

To be honest, I loved Amanda's (of Belle and Grace) modified version so much that I basically tried my best to recreate her vision.  So all credit for creativity goes to her on this little project.  I did make a few changes to the original dog pattern and then sat and came up with a reasonable version of a christmassy tree for him to carry home.  I'm quite pleased with how he turned out.

It has to be said that I'm not a natural amigurumi maker.  To be honest, I find all those little bits and pieces a little fiddly and the all important sewing together is a bit of a battle too.  So much seems to hinge on getting the construction right with these little toys I find.  Getting a cute little chap like this to look right wasn't too easy!  I think I have improved a bit other the years though.

I did think while I was figuring him out, that in case I'm ever called on to make another of these little hounds, I had better make myself some notes about what I did this time around.  I knew I'd never remember all the tweaks I ended up making.

After I posted a little picture of him on Instagram, I did get some questions about the pattern I'd used and my modifications, so I ended up writing up the notes I'd made.  I thought it would be a good idea to store them here on my blog.  Partly for my future reference, but also I thought it might be useful for you too!

I hasten to add this isn't a pattern by any means, literally just some simple notes I made myself, about the colours I used, and of the changes I made to the original pattern by Stik & Haak, together with my notes on how I made the decorated Christmas tree.  Despite that, I do hope that you still might find them useful.

A Christmas Dachshund Notes

Yarn | Scheepjes Stone Washed

Dog Colours 
Black Onyx 803 
Yellow Jasper 809

Tree colours 
Fosterite 826 
Amazonite 813 
Beryl 833 
Rhodochrosite 835 
Boulder Opal 804 
Axinite 831


Original pattern |  Teckel Sam by Stik & Haak
(Stik & Haak is a Dutch site, so I found Google Translate useful!)

My Modifications
(UK Terms - Notes only)

R4: 12dc’s 
R5: 12dc’s 
Change colour after R8

R1: 6dc in ring, ss closed 
Add eyebrows when sewing spots onto head

R1: 6dc 
R2: 2dc in each (12dc) 
R3: 1dc, 2dc in next x 6 (18dc) 
R4-9: dc’s 
R10: 4dc, dc2tog x 3 (15dc) 
R11-12: dc’s 
R13: 3dc, dc2tog x 3 (12dc) 
R14: dc’s 
R15: 2dc, dc2tog x 3 (9dc) 
R16: dc’s 
Fold and close ear with 4dc

Change colour afer R4

R6: 8dc 
R7: 7dc, 2dc in next (9dc) 
R8-9: 8dc, 2dc in next (10dc) 
R11-13: dc’s around

My Tree
(UK Terms - Notes only)

R1: 6dc 
R2: 1dc, 2dc in next x 3 (9dc) 
R3: 2dc, 2dc in next x 3 (12dc) 
R4: dc’s 
R5: 3dc, 2dc in next (15dc) 
R6: dc’s 
R7: 4dc, 2dc in next (18dc) 
R8: dc’s 
R9: 5dc, 2dc in next (21dc) 
R10: dc’s 
R11: 6dc, 2dc in next (24dc) 
R12: dc’s 
R13: 7dc, 2dc in next (27dc) 
R14: dc’s 
R15: 8dc, 2dc in next (30dc) 
R16: dc’s 
R17: 9dc, 2dc in next (33dc) 
R18: dc’s 
R19: 10dc, 2dc in next (36dc) 
R20: dc’s 
R21: dc’s in back loop 
Add baubles and stuff 
R22: 4dc, dc2tog x 6 (30dc) 
R23: 3dc, dc2tog x 6 (24dc) 
R24: 2dc, dc2tog x 6 (18dc) 
Stuff some more 
R25: 1dc, dc2tog x 6 (12dc) 
R26: dc2tog x 6 (6dc)

R1: 6dc 
R2: 2dc in each (12dc) 
R3: dc’s in back loops 
R4: dc’s 
R5: 4dc, dc2tog x 2 (10dc) 
Stuff and sew to tree

Magic loop 
2ch, 5htr, 1ch and pull yarn through. 
Pull magic loop tight 
Thread other yarn end through front loops of htrs (starting with first htr) and pull tight 
Fold ends together

As for baubles but start with 3ch, and then 6tr 
(Gold thread is thinner)

Make a chain for as long as needed


S x